Saturday, February 2, 2013

How to block someone on Twitter

We have already written about what happens when you block someone on Twitter. Blocking someone who is annoying you on Twitter is something simple and easy to do in just a few steps. There may be many reasons as to what you want to block someone on Twitter. Some people like to block their parents, teachers and other people. Twitter is a public forum and you need to remember that whatever is shared publicly is saved and visible to just about anyone. Keeping that in mind let's jump straight to it and find out how to go about blocking someone on Twitter.

How to block someone on Twitter
1. Login to Twitter.
How to block someone on Twitter2. Click on the username of the person you want to block.
3. Click on the person icon and from the drop-down choose 'Block @ Username'
Block on Twitter Confirmed4. The Follow button beside the people icon now changes to 'Blocked' to indicate that the person has been blocked.

How to unblock someone on Twitter
1. Follow the same steps above.
2. When you get to the person's profile from the drop-down choose 'Unblock'

This will unblock the person and you can start following that person again.

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