Monday, February 4, 2013

How does Google Play Movies work

The Google Play store for all your Android apps has something called 'Google Play - Movies & TV'. These are a large collection of movies and TV shows available to either download to view later or steam and watch it on your android device. These movies and TV shows purchased on Google Play will be available either for download to watch later or stream it to your device to start watching immediately. Once you start watching you get 46 hours to finish your film. Once you choose downloading you cannot then switch back to streaming. You can download and watch movies and TV shows on any of your devices like mobile phone tablets or PC.

Google Play Movies - How does it work1. How to watch Google Play movies on my computer
Simply go to and click the play button below the movie

2. How to download Google Play Movies & TV Shows for offline viewing.
Find the movie or TV show you want to download and then tap the circular pushpin grey button found at the bottom right-corner of your video. Your movie or TV show will then begin to download automatically.

3. How to watch Google Play movies on your HDTV
To do this your HDTV will need to be HDCP compliant. A HDMI cable will be needed to connect your device to your TV. This way once your devices are connected, Your device should be mirrored on your HDTV.

So you can get the Google Play Movies and TV Shows App at the Google Play store, set it up on your device and you're ready to go.

The Google Play Movies and TV Shows App, you can also read more at the Google Play Movies support page here

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