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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Locked In A Room now a top selling Horror Movie on Google Play

If horror movies are your thing then we recommend 'Locked In A Room' one of the top selling horror flicks on the Google Play store. Locked in a room has been produced by Detroit filmmaker Larry Simmons. The Story revolves around three teenagers who get trapped in three separate rooms. The three teens are then watched and observed by a masked man who maintains and takes notes of all the happenings. To add to the fear and terror there is this eerie voice outside their rooms and characters that wonder in as part of the larger plot. The story emerges more intriguing as towards the end the answers need to be found. who is behind all of this and what must come of it. The end will leave you thrilled and spellbound as you find the answer to all the questions. So if you have the time and would like to be thrilled by a horror flick - pick up the movie at the Google Play store and watch it on your Android device. You can also get the movie on iTunes, watch it on YouTube and follow the characters on their Facebook page.

Locked in a roomHere's the YouTube trailer

To Watch the movie, follow the links below and please leave a comment with your feedback.
Locked in a room on the Google Play Store
Locked in a room on the iTunes store
YouTube Movie
Facbook Fan page

Monday, February 4, 2013

How does Google Play Movies work

The Google Play store for all your Android apps has something called 'Google Play - Movies & TV'. These are a large collection of movies and TV shows available to either download to view later or steam and watch it on your android device. These movies and TV shows purchased on Google Play will be available either for download to watch later or stream it to your device to start watching immediately. Once you start watching you get 46 hours to finish your film. Once you choose downloading you cannot then switch back to streaming. You can download and watch movies and TV shows on any of your devices like mobile phone tablets or PC.

Google Play Movies - How does it work1. How to watch Google Play movies on my computer
Simply go to and click the play button below the movie

2. How to download Google Play Movies & TV Shows for offline viewing.
Find the movie or TV show you want to download and then tap the circular pushpin grey button found at the bottom right-corner of your video. Your movie or TV show will then begin to download automatically.

3. How to watch Google Play movies on your HDTV
To do this your HDTV will need to be HDCP compliant. A HDMI cable will be needed to connect your device to your TV. This way once your devices are connected, Your device should be mirrored on your HDTV.

So you can get the Google Play Movies and TV Shows App at the Google Play store, set it up on your device and you're ready to go.

The Google Play Movies and TV Shows App, you can also read more at the Google Play Movies support page here

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Google Play Gift Cards available now

Google Play Gift Cards
Image Source

Google have announced officially that Google Play Gift Cards are now available. These gift cards can be used to purchase entertainment at the Google Play Store. App your favorite music, movies, books, games and Apps can be purchased using the Gift Cards. So here is what you need to know about the Google Play Gift Cards.

Is that an international roll-out
No, currently available only in the US

List of retailers where the Google Play Gift Card can be purchased
You can now buy the gift card from Target, RadioShack and GameStop. Will be available in Walmart later this month.

What are the value of the gift cards available now
Google Play Gift Cars available for Google Play purchases are avialble in the $10, $25 and $50 denominations. 

Is there anything I cannot purchase using the Gift Cards
You will not be able to redeem your gift cards for Android App Subscriptions, Magazine Subscriptions and hardware and accessories purchases.

Are there any age restrictions on using the cards
If you are under 13 you cannot use the gift card - people under 13 are not allowed to make purchases through Google Play at all. 13 - 17 will only be able to make purchases with their gift cards amount only. Anything more than that will be out of reach on Google Play, this is because it ties in with Google Wallet.

Where can I learn more about Google Play Gift Cards
You can follow the +Google Play page on Google+ or read the announcement here

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

RealPlayer for Android now available

RealPlayer for Android App
A screenshot of the App

RealPlayer the music player for desktop PCs that we have been familiar with but no more regarded as one of the premier media players on the internet - have decided to do something about it. They have targeted mobile devices and plan to once more reclaim the title of premier music player on mobile devices, SmartPhones and Tablets. There have been a huge features announcement and the app which till now was in Beta, is now ready for download as a full-fledged app. To start with the app is multilingual and supports 9 languages; supports multiple file formats, play music and videos and can be used to browse photos.

Among the other features that are available are voice commands for search, sharing on your favorite social media sites. You can also move the app to your SD card. You can also use the app without unlocking your screen - for easy playing of all your music and video files. The app also promises a fine tuned graphic equalizer which allows you to fine-tune the output sound of the music you're listening to. Another important feature to note is that the developers of the app promise no ad - that's right no advertisements to be show in the app. RealPlayer promises a totally new experience to handle all your media files on your mobile device. Android users can download the app now at the Google Play store. 
Download RealPlayer for Android now

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How does Google Play work

Google Play the new service from Google has gone live today. The service is being rolled out in a phased manner and will be available to everyone across the world soon. So what will you be able to do with Google Play. Google Play will work as a central hub for all your Apps, Movies, Music, eBooks and Games.

How does Google Play work

Buy or install anyone of these and it is immediately available on all your devices and on the web with no syncing required. So get yourself a new eBook and start reading on your reader and later pick up from where you left-off on the web. Start watching a movie on the small-screen and later move to your flat-screen device. So when you install a new game or app on one device it will then become available on all your devices and on the web. So Google Play becomes the new name for the place where you can view all your media.

This is not something new as Google's Android Market, Music, Movies and eBooks already enjoy this functionality. Google Play however will become the new home to find all your media which you can then access from your phone, tablet, pc or just about any other device.
Google Play
Google Play FAQ