Sunday, April 28, 2013

Locked In A Room now a top selling Horror Movie on Google Play

If horror movies are your thing then we recommend 'Locked In A Room' one of the top selling horror flicks on the Google Play store. Locked in a room has been produced by Detroit filmmaker Larry Simmons. The Story revolves around three teenagers who get trapped in three separate rooms. The three teens are then watched and observed by a masked man who maintains and takes notes of all the happenings. To add to the fear and terror there is this eerie voice outside their rooms and characters that wonder in as part of the larger plot. The story emerges more intriguing as towards the end the answers need to be found. who is behind all of this and what must come of it. The end will leave you thrilled and spellbound as you find the answer to all the questions. So if you have the time and would like to be thrilled by a horror flick - pick up the movie at the Google Play store and watch it on your Android device. You can also get the movie on iTunes, watch it on YouTube and follow the characters on their Facebook page.

Locked in a roomHere's the YouTube trailer

To Watch the movie, follow the links below and please leave a comment with your feedback.
Locked in a room on the Google Play Store
Locked in a room on the iTunes store
YouTube Movie
Facbook Fan page

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