Tuesday, March 6, 2012

How does Google Play work

Google Play the new service from Google has gone live today. The service is being rolled out in a phased manner and will be available to everyone across the world soon. So what will you be able to do with Google Play. Google Play will work as a central hub for all your Apps, Movies, Music, eBooks and Games.

How does Google Play work

Buy or install anyone of these and it is immediately available on all your devices and on the web with no syncing required. So get yourself a new eBook and start reading on your reader and later pick up from where you left-off on the web. Start watching a movie on the small-screen and later move to your flat-screen device. So when you install a new game or app on one device it will then become available on all your devices and on the web. So Google Play becomes the new name for the place where you can view all your media.

This is not something new as Google's Android Market, Music, Movies and eBooks already enjoy this functionality. Google Play however will become the new home to find all your media which you can then access from your phone, tablet, pc or just about any other device.
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