Saturday, November 3, 2012

"Whoops, you already said that" Twitter Error

"Whoops, you already said that", if you see this message after you post a tweet, this is what it means. You have already posted a tweet with the exact same words. This is something that is not allowed on Twitter for the simple reason - it could be spam. Since many spammers and bots online tend to post the same message over and over. Twitter in their efforts to protect their uses does not allow the same person to post the same message twice. The same massage can be posted by other people but not the same user. The same message can be posted by different users and a good example would be people tweeting a blog or a website post that they found useful. This is a Twitter error creating status report and can be corrected easily.
Twitter error creating statusWhat to do if you see the "Whoops, you already said that" error on Twitter?

Not a big problem all you need to do to continue posting that tweet would be to change the words. Changing even one word will mean that the tweet can be posted. So to avoid that error don't post tweets with the exact same words and you should be fine.

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