Tuesday, November 6, 2012

New Google Search Layout 2012

Google have begun rolling out their new search results page. This time with more breathing room and focus on the answers your looking for. The various options that you have been used to till now are still available under the search-bar. The current redesign is being rolled out the US uses and will be available to all uses across the world shortly. If you want to see the new redesign in action, click on the Google.com link found at the bottom of your Google page. This will take you to the US search site of Google. Enter your search term and check out the all new Google search layout 2012.

New Google Search Layout 2012The most notable design improvements are that all the options for search are now available on top, below the search box. The options to further your search which used to be on the left-hand side of your screen, is now above the results. The page looks really clean and nice and helps you zero-in on the answers you're looking for. This is something that brings to focus the importance of search results and Google's commitment to the same.

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