Friday, February 1, 2013

How to get high resolution images for your Twitter Header or Cover Photo

If you have a Twitter you know there is place for a nice photo of yours and a header image. The header image on Twitter is also being called a cover image. Yes, you can thank Facebook for that. Facebook has a cover image that spans your profile page and not long after Twitter decided to have their own. Twitter however called this a header image and not a cover image. The internet however still likes to call it 'Cover Image' anyway. There are a lot of options out there to get yourself a good cover or header image. TwitrCovers however have some of the best high-resolution images out there. Just head over to the app and find some really cool pics. Hover over any of these pics and see how your picture looks in the middle of it.

high resolution images for your Twitter header or cover imageTwitrcover: How does it work
1. Head over to TwitrCovers.
2. Use the categories to search for an image or just use one of the cover images on the front page.
3. Hover over the image you want to use and click on it.
4. Below the image you will find a link that says 'Set this as your Twitter cover'. There is also a link to use it as your Twitter background.
5. Select set 'As Twitter Cover' and then you signin to Twitter and authorize the app to access your Twitter account.
6. Set your cover image. You can also do the same and choose a background image for your profile

TwitCovers Once you're done your Twitter profile, will have a whole new lookand feel with the redesign.

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