Thursday, February 7, 2013

Twitter now shows a summary of your Tweets from the time you joined

Twitter now showing your most important tweets from the time you joined. Anyone who has ever used Twitter is aware that up until now whenever you search for your own Tweets. You see results from only the past week. In general searches on Twitter older Tweets were never shown. If you wanted to see all your past Tweets and activity you had to click the 'Me' icon on Twitter. This would show you and only you all your past tweets and Retweets etc. Now when someone searches for a particular username on Twitter. They get to see a whole list of Tweets that go as far back as the time the person actually joined Twitter and started Tweeting. You need to review your Tweets and remove some of them if they are not relevant anymore. Maybe they should not be seen at all -- we all know those Tweets, the ones that might have been sent out after a night out at town.

Find tweets from the beginning of TimeHow to search for old Tweets more than a week old
1. Login with your Twitter account
2. use your username in the search bar on Twitter
3. See all your Tweets or rather a summary of your most important Tweets from the time you joined.

Should I review all these Tweets
It is advisable to review these Tweets as you might have joined a while back and some tweets you thought might be hidden are now in full public view.

What to do with Tweets I don't like
Delete them. Hover with your mouse below the Tweet you want to remove and click the 'Delete' button - trash can icon. Read more at the Twitter announcement of the same. On testing we discovered that tweets being displayed go all the way back to the time you joined.

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