Monday, April 1, 2013

Twitter to start charging for 'AEIOU' 'Y' will still be free

Twitter announced a new service - well actually the original name of Twitter was twttr. Twttr will be launched again and this time they will be charging $5 if you would like to use vowels. Y however will still be free to use. This is going to be called a two-tiered service. if you want full use of the site you would need to pony up $5, if not use the service without the vowels. Twitter says that by doing this will be actually be enhancing the service and provide a more efficient site. Youngsters already omit a lot of the vowels and so.... it makes sense.

Twitter's most famous TweetPlease see a mockup of the most Retweeted Tweet in Twitter history and how it appears without the the of 'AEIOU". Twttr will be rolling out shortly and initially to a small percentage of users - 10% to be exact. Now before you start feeling all depressed consider that you have only 140 characters to play around with. Now with vowels gone you will have more room and more space and your tweets will now look prettier. if you would like to be a beta tester for the new service here's your chance. Might as well get used to it before you're forced to do so.

Please click Twttr to start using the new service. The original blog-post by Twitter here.  

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