Sunday, March 31, 2013

Google Nose can help you smell the roses

Google says on April 1st 2013 that they can now help you smell. Search will no more be restricted to just text and video. Search will now also bring to you smells. In this context - please open the curtains for 'Google Nose'. When you click on try Google Nose, you are taken to a random smell on the search engine. Some of them a little nasty; this however, is taken care off with the safe button. So your random smell can be limited to something more manageable.

Google Nose April Fools' DaySo click on try Google Nose - a random smell is shown on the search engine. Now all you need to do is to click on 'Smell', bring your nose close to the screen and get a whiff. Even if you don't smell anything - consider sharing the link with your friends as a nice April fools' day joke. It's just got to be fun, internet fun. The video below will help you believe more in Google Nose and it all might also sound convincing. Whether it be real or not - this is one fun way to start your Monday and drive those blues away.

Try Google Nose now.

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