Monday, December 3, 2012

How to email a Tweet from Twitter

The previously announced feature is now live on Twitter - the ability to email a Tweet. It is a simple and easy to use feature and now Tweets can be emailed to people who are not Twitter users. There might be many uses for such a feature. Maybe it's a news update that's appeared first on Twitter and can now be emailed to your friends. Maybe you're following an event on Twitter and would like to email some of the Tweets to friends who live in a part of the world that denies Twitter access. Whatever maybe the reason to use the service this nifty new feature is now live and ready for use.

How to email a Tweet from Twitter

 email Twitter Tweets

1. Login to Twitter

2. Below the Tweet you want to email click or tap on the 'More' button.

3. The option to email Tweet pops up.

4. Click on it, enter recipients email addresses and you can also add a comment.

5. Click send email and you're done.

Please check the video below for visuals


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