Sunday, December 2, 2012

Gmail: How to send large attachments and files

Gmail has been coming up with a lot of healthy improvements and the latest one is the combination of Gmail and Google Drive to send large files and attachments. With the new feature you now have the ability to send files and attachments up to 10GB. This is 400 times the size of attachments previously allowed in Gmail and other email services for that matter. The Folks over at Google have taken this to another level and many users stand to benefit.

How to send large attachments in Gmail

Gmail Large Attachments1. You need to have Google Drive on your system, PC or device.
2. You need to have the new Gmail compose activated.
3. Once you're in the new Gmail compose - click on the drive icon at the bottom of your compose box.
4. You can now attach files from Google Drive or files from your computer to share 'Insert files using drive'.
5. Once attached click send and your mail is delivered.

In addition Gmail will also check that you have given appropriate file permissions. If the file is private and all recipients will not be able to open and view -- Gmail will prompt you to change the reading permissions so all recipients will be able to view the file. Source Gmail Blog.

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