Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What is Google's Solve for X program and how does it work

Google has launched a new web app in called Solve for X with a corresponding Google+ page. The program has been launched in effect to create Technology Moonshots. For people to come together and collaborate on issues effecting the world on a Global scale. In effect the program seeks to tackle and address world problems using Technology. It encourages people to come up with solutions and spread the word. The program wants to be radically different and collaborative in its effort and help bring solutions to global problems using Tech. Not only Tech but radically different ideas and ways, that might work. The amazing thing about this program is that there will be live events for you to attend and there is a forums for discussion on their G+ page. If you have an idea that will be a moonshot, meaning so good like going to the moon, you can create a video with you talking about it and post a link to it on the Google+ page. Once on that page selected talks and video recordings that will make a difference and make people think at least will be featured on Sole For X. 

Visiting Solve for will give you keen insight into some of the things top brains are thinking about and how world ideas are slowly being crystallized. There are quiet a few good speakers already on Solve for . You can also add the Solve for X G+ page to your circles to keep up with all that is happening on the forums. A good place for your grey cells to rest and get a few good ideas. If you have been that person who has always had a idea that has promise and need a platform to share your thoughts. This is the right place for you. 
Solve For X on the web
Solve for X Google+ page

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