Monday, February 6, 2012

QRHacker lets you create personalized QR codes by adding colors, images and logos

QRHacker is a fun QR code generator, using this web app you can personalize your QR codes and have fun. You can even pay around with the colors and embed images into your QR code. When you first start generating your code you can choose to add some text, link to a URL, phone number and Vcard. Once you have done that it is time to get started. Forget black and white QR codes that look like a maze of jumbled parts. These QR codes can be fun, you can add your Logo or embed an image into the code and generate a QR code your for App, Website, Product or blog that looks totally different. Developed by  a small Hungarian-based team called Carnation Group

Once you fill in all the details you can then start adding colors to your QR code and you can even edit the same pixel by pixel, You can also edit each pixel individually. You can add background and foreground colors and upload an image to embed or add your logo. Once completed you have a nice colorful and creative QR code which you can use. Please check the image to get a better idea.

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