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Saturday, June 30, 2012

How to change your Facebook Page URL

Once you create a page on Facebook, you can then give it a Vanity URL. This means you can give it a name in its URl that matches the page name and purpose.. For example we have a Facebook page called Sociolatte and on FB our page URL is When you first create your page this is not the case. You get a URL that is a string of characters that follows like this - So if you have a page and want to give it a decent URL or name which you can then share on your blog or website, you will need to give it a name. This is how to get a Facebook Page Name or Vanity URL as it is called. You can get your Facebook page name only after your page receives 25 likes. So once you get your Facebook page URL and you then decide you want to change it, you can do so now. This was a feature that was not available on Facebook but they have now allowed one change. Which means you can change the name of your FB page once more. So if you have a page and would like to change the URL, you can get started right now.

How do I change the URL of my Facebook page
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on this link
3. From the drop down select the page you want to give a new URL
4. Enter the name and check for availability
5. If it is available click on save
6. you're done

Note: You can change the URL of your page only once after you have set it. This is a relief for people who might have made a mistake when entering their Facebook page URL the first time. When entering the URL of a page you can use Alphabets and Numbers with no spaces between. 

Video instructions

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to review posts friends tag you in before it appears on your Facebook Timeline

With Facebook you know how your pals keep posting updates and tagging you in it. Sometimes these tagged posts may not be something you really want to appear on your Timeline. Facebook has a process found in your privacy settings to take care of this. It is nice to have people tagging you in a post but if you would like to review all these posts before they appear on your Timeline, you can use this workaround to make sure nothing appears without your approval. This goes for all kinds of posts like pics, videos, status updates etc.

How to review a post before it appears on my Facebook Timeline
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click the down-arrow beside home
3. Choose Privacy Settings
4. Beside Timeline and Tagging click on Edit Settings
5. beside 'Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline Choose 'On'
6. You now see a screen with Enabled on it - this will mean that posts your tagged in need your approval before they appear on your Timeline
7. Select Enabled and you're done - to disable this option please follow the same process and choose 'Disabled'. 

Note: Posts your tagged in may still appear elsewhere.  When you have a post to review, the Needs Review tab will appear on your timeline.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Facebook Instant Personalization: How it works and how to opt out, turn off or disable

Facebook Instant Personalization is an initiative by Facebook and other select partners. Basically ensuring that when you reach these partner sites the experience is immediately tailored to your likes and dislikes. The way these sites are able to do this is by using your publicly available information on Facebook and adjusting everything on the site to what you like and your expected behavior. It also brings your friends with you when you arrive.

Facebook Instant Personalization: How it works
when you arrive on a select partner website you will be told that this site has been persnolized for you, using your Facebook profile. You can either turn-off instant personalization or continue to use the site with it on. The whole purpose is to provide you with a more personalized experience while browsing these Facebook partner websites.

A list of websites using instant personalization

Bing - Social Search
Pandora - Personalized Music
TripAdvisor - Social Travel
Yelp - Friends' Local Reviews
Rotten Tomatoes - Friends' Movie Reviews
Clicker - Personalized TV Recommendations
Scribd - Social Reading
Docs - Document Collaboration
Zynga - Social Games (Indiana Jones Adventure World, Zynga Slingo)
Kixeye - Social Games (Battle Pirates, War Commander)

How do I turn-off stop, disable or opt out of instant personalization.
1. Login to  Facebook
2. Click on home and then privacy settings
3. Beside Ads, Apps and Websites click on edit settings
4. Beside instant persolization click on edit settings
5. Uncheck the box beside Enable instant personalization on partner websites.
6. You're done

This will stop all apps using social from sharing your information across their sites and on your Timeline. 

If you want the visuals please check the video below.

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Change relationship status on Facebook without people knowing

If you are going through a break-up and would like to keep things a little private on Facebook. You can do so in a few steps. Many users like to broadcast their new found love on FB but then things go a little sour and break-ups can become quiet public on Facebook. Especially when you change your status from 'In a relationship', 'Married' or 'Engaged' to 'Single'. All this does not have to happen in front of all your friends and if you are not careful to same goes to all your friends 'news feed'. So if you would like to keep things private and change your status without having your relationship status broadcasted to all your fiends pages, follow the steps below to safely change your status and not let you friends know.

Change relationship status on Facebook without people knowing

How to change relationship status on Facebook without people knowing. 

Steps to follow
1. On Timeline click on About
2. Beside basic info click on edit
3. Beside relationship status choose single or whichever status you desire.
4. Click the Globe icon and from the drop-down choose 'Only Me'. Now only you can view your relationship status'
5. Click Save

1. Beside your 'Relationship Box' click the edit icon
2. Click the globe icon and from the drop-down choose 'Only Me'.
3. Click save and your relationship status will disappear. This way your relationship status stays private and confidential.

What to do if you have already broadcasted your relationship status on Facebook Timeline and want to cancel it. 
1. On your Facebook Timeline click on Activity log and from there find the status and beside the globe icon click on the circle icon. From there choose 'Hide from Timeline'. This will remove your relationship status update from your Timeline and remove it from your friends news feed. Now your free. Please leave a comment with what you think.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What is Google's Solve for X program and how does it work

Google has launched a new web app in called Solve for X with a corresponding Google+ page. The program has been launched in effect to create Technology Moonshots. For people to come together and collaborate on issues effecting the world on a Global scale. In effect the program seeks to tackle and address world problems using Technology. It encourages people to come up with solutions and spread the word. The program wants to be radically different and collaborative in its effort and help bring solutions to global problems using Tech. Not only Tech but radically different ideas and ways, that might work. The amazing thing about this program is that there will be live events for you to attend and there is a forums for discussion on their G+ page. If you have an idea that will be a moonshot, meaning so good like going to the moon, you can create a video with you talking about it and post a link to it on the Google+ page. Once on that page selected talks and video recordings that will make a difference and make people think at least will be featured on Sole For X. 

Visiting Solve for will give you keen insight into some of the things top brains are thinking about and how world ideas are slowly being crystallized. There are quiet a few good speakers already on Solve for . You can also add the Solve for X G+ page to your circles to keep up with all that is happening on the forums. A good place for your grey cells to rest and get a few good ideas. If you have been that person who has always had a idea that has promise and need a platform to share your thoughts. This is the right place for you. 
Solve For X on the web
Solve for X Google+ page

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

11 ways to effectively use Pinterest to gain traffic and Social Media Clout

Some of our pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is the hot new social network that will soon need no introduction. If you would like to go through our guide you can find it here. Pinterest is basically sharing things you like on the web in picture form. When you see a photo or image that catches your eye, you can pin it onto Pinterest. Other members of the network can then view your Pin and if they like it, they can repin it, post a comment, add it to one of their boards. A board is a collection of pins. You can also pin your own content and it is not seen as something that is a no-no on the site. It is therefore top dollar when it comes to generating traffic to your blog or website. You can also share you pins and boards on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are 10 ways to ensure you get the most of of Pinterest. Please also remember that if you images and videos do not catch the eye or the imagination, it is of no use. 

1. Become an expert and curate your personal brand just as you would on Twitter. You can share all your posts from your blog but ensure that you now work on the photos and images. Making sure that they are sure to catch the eye and the imagination
2. Connect your Pinterest to Your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This way each time you generate a pin you can share it with your Twitter contacts and Facebook friends.
3. If you are following at least one of another users's boards you can add that person as a contributor. This way you can add your friends as contributors to your boards. 
4. Get your pals to like your pins and boards this ensure wider publicity across the network
5. White creating a pin add an amazing image and a title that attracts and accurately address the image and if the image if from your blog or website, makes sure there are no misleading titles, images and videos. No one wants to be fooled.
6. Appreciate users who add comments and repin your pins and blogs. Just like Twitter you can use the '@' sign in front of a person's name to mention then in a comment.
7. You can also sell your pics if you wish. When creating a pin you can add a '$' or '£' and Pinterest will add a price to your photo, which will then appear in the gifts category. You can do this for all your prized photos.
8. Creating effect and eye catching pins ensure you get lots of followers. Who in turn repin and add 'Likes' to your boards. They can then in turn share the same across networks like 'Twitter' and 'Facebook', effectively giving you huge social media clout. Because the whole thing is based on images and photos it generates a whole lot of clicks from interested people who would like to know more about your pin or boards.
9. You need to create pins as often as possible the more pins your create the more eyeballs it attracts. fresh content is guaranteed to get more original pins, and more the more ripens you get, means your audience is starting to grown and people are waiting for your next pin.
10. Add a Pintest button on your website or blog. Let people follow you on Pinterest right from your website or blog
11. Add a vanity URL to your Top Boards, to follow us the URl would be

Finally happy pinning everyone and don't forget to leave a comment with your views and feedback regarding this amazing new site.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Facebook Timeline Guide

Image Credit: Facebook

Facebook launched Timeline last year with the option for users to try it out, test it for 7 days before it goes live on their profiles. Over the next week whether you are ready or not it is coming to you, once you see the announcement on top of your homepage, you will have 7 days to check it out and delete or remove or add stories to your Timeline. This is going to take many uses by surprise and the rush is going to be on as to how on earth do you get it ready before friends can see your Timeline.

We have a few guides to help you get started and we have them listed below. If you require further guides and lists do let us know in the comment section below.

1. How to delete old posts on Facebook Timeline

2. How to limit the audience of past posts on your Timeline

3. How to upload videos to your Timeline

4. How to add apps to your Timeline 

5. How to get Facebook Timeline right now
6. Difference between delete and hide post on Timeline
7. How to set your full friends list privacy settings
8. How to make sure your Timeline can be viewed only by friends and set it to private. 

A lot of the adjustments you will make will be through the activity log

1. What is the activity log and how does it work? 

2. how to allow, feature or hide posts on Timeline using the activity log. 

Blog Post by Facebook announcing the Timeline now being available globally can be found here

Facebook Timeline: How to videos

Move photos between albums

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Facebook Listen with friends: How does it work

Facebook has launched a new feature using its open graph initiative, called 'Listen with', allowing all Facebook users to listen to music with their friends. This is a real-time feature and if when your on your Timeline and you see a music icon next to a friend's name in the chat sidebar. You can click on that icon and listen to music with your friends. You can also chat about the song as it's playing. This is a brand new feature and gives people connected to each other to listen to music together and enjoy the song at the same time. 

How to listen to music together with your friends on Facebook?
1. Login to Facebook
2. Look for the music icon next to your friends name in the Chat Sidebar. 
3. Hover over their name in the chat sidebar or the story appearing in ticker
Click the Listen With (Friend's Name) button that appears beside their name with the speaker icon
If you haven't already opened the same music provider as your friend, click the Open button on the next window. Currently only Spotify and Rdio is being supported. 

Important Q&A
1. How do I share the music i am listening to on Facebook
You will need to authorize the two apps that are being supported right now to post and share the music you are listening to right now on your Facebook Timeline.

2. What music sharing apps and players are currently being supported.
Spotify and Rdio

3. How to control who can view songs I am listening to on Facebook
You will need to go to your Apps setting page on Facebook and set your privacy options to either public, only friends, me or customize it further and the songs you listen to will appear only to people you have selected. To adjust your Music Apps privacy settings please click here

4. How does the app decide which songs to post to my Timeline.
When signing up for the app only posts you share on your Timeline will be visible. So only when you give an app permission to share on your Timeline will the songs you are listening to right now appear there. 

5. How to remove songs from my Facebook Timeline
This can be done by accessing your activity log and removing it from there. Once removed it will no more appear on your Timeline.

read more at the Facebook Blog

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Monday, January 9, 2012

Pinterest: How does it work

This is the hot new social network on the web, which everyone is talking about these days. It has been in the news for a lot of good reasons and the main one being its phenomenal growth. This social network builds on the fact that people like to collect stuff online converting everyone with internet access into online curators. Breaking down this a little further is Pinterest - which allows you to create a virtual pinboard based on just about any conceivable topic one can imagine. Please go through our small Guide we have put together below. 

1. What is Pinterest?
A place for you to create a board based on images collected from the internet and then pin it up. ONce you create a Pinboard, you can then share it with the public and people who find your content interesting can then follow you. People use Pinterest to collect and share all sort of things. From DJ Equipment to interesting recipes to wedding ring collections, you name it you can now find it on Pinterest.

2. What is a person who uses Pinterest know as?
A pinner 

3. What is the purpose of Pinterest
Now there can be varying purposes and you can use the site as best suits you. Having said this, there is however something that comes across very clearly. The purpose seems to be that people like to create and share things that mean a lot to them. So from creating and sharing meaningful pins, you can also complete your research on something that matters to you on Pinterest. You can find Pins that would match you interest exactly and done by people who really have knowledge on a certain subject. So it will help you by finding people with similar interests and you can follow them and this of course puts people who have similar interests together and knowledge sharing is something we cannot live without.

4. How do i get started?
You will need to land on their official page and request an invite. Be prepared to wait as it might take sometime before the invite arrives.

5. How do i create a Pin?
Pinterest has an official Pin it button with is a simple browser extension. When you come across something you like on the web just click the pin it button and select the corresponding picture. 

Check the video below if you want to know how to create a 'Pin it' and pin stuff to your board.

6. What can I do if I like someone's virtual pin-board
You can Repin, like or comment. You can either follow all of someone's boards or just individual boards. 

7. Can I share my pins on other social networks?
Yes you can tweet your pins or share your pins on Facebook. With the new Timeline on Facebook your pins will lend a lot of glamour to it.

8. Can I create a Pin with my own material
Yes, absolutely. You can create a board based on all the material you have created online.

9. How to navigate Pinterest?
before you get started with creating your board click on the Everything Feed and start looking at what other people are doing. This will give you an idea on how to make your new pin-boards interesting. This is something you might want to do before creating Pins.

10. How to get started?
This question has come last because if you are new then the background above really helps you to understand the service before jumping in. So once you get your invite the first thing is to set up your profile page. You can then start with your Pins. You are given five boards by default. You can use the same topics given on the boards or click on edit to change it to what you like. 

11. Can I Pin a video?
Most pics are pics but you can easily pin videos. Go the the videos section on Pinterest to find an awesome collection of Video Pins and Video Boards. 

12. What is a Pinterest Board?
A pinterest board is a set or collection of pins.
So go ahead now and start pinning your interests and share it with other people. Please leave a comment with what you think about this fantastic new service.
Pinterest for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Pinterest Tutorial Video:

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

what happens when your post is public on google+

Now that you have joined Google+ and have started posting and updating your status. Here is what you need to know in case you like to share and your posts are public. Google+ being fun to use is very encouraging to post and update especially public posts. You tend to be seen more and might even get more people who want to add you to circles. It is therefore important for you to know what happens when your posts are public on Google+. Google+ allows you to share privately and there are many options for that. This post is just a beginners guide to Google+ and for those who do not know what happens when they post publicly.

When you posts on Google+ are public this is what happens.

1. Your posts can be seen by anyone, even if they are not logged into Google+

2. Your post can show up in Google Search results

3. If you post shows up in a Google search result, your profile is also automatically linked to the post.

4. If your public posts show up in Google search results that means your comments also show up. So if you are commenting on a public post you would need to know that even those comments can be found on Google. 

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

How to view your Facebook profile as others see it

Well many people like to know how their Facebook public profile would look. How does your Facebook profile appear to others and what is it that is visible when someone searches from you on Google or Yahoo or Bing. Firstly it is safe to say that only options that you have chosen to be visible on your Facebook public profile will be shown on your profile. So, once you check your public profile and would not want some information to be visible on your public profile. it would be good for you to go back and change your privacy settings.

So to see how your Facebook profile appears to others you can open Google and type your name as it appears in your Facebook profile and after your name type Facebook. This will bring up your public profile and probably a few others who have the same name.

You can then click on your name to see how your Facebook profile appears on the internet. You can repeat the same thing on other search engines if you are curious enough.

If there are things you see that you do not want to appear on your public Facebook profile you can always go back to privacy settings and adjust accordingly.

Alernately you can also type to see how your profile appears to others when they search and find you online.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

How to unblock someone on Facebook

For whatever reasons you might have blocked someone on Facebook and you now want to unblock that friend. There are many reasons why friends block each other on FB. There first could b,e you find that person a source of irritation or maybe your ex and therefore you want to block and hide your stuff from that person. The reasons are numerous but there is a simple method to unblock a person or friend on Facebook.

How to unblock a person on Facebook.

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on Account
3. Click on Privacy Settings
4. Under block lists found at the bottom of the page click on "edit Block Lists"
5. Under Block Users you find a list of people or person you blocked.
6. Click on unblock on the right hand side of the person's name. 
7. Your done.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

How to become a mayor in Foursquare

Becoming a mayor in Foursquare is the simplest thing. You need to have visited a certain place the most number of times. In Foursquare terms this is known as a check-in. Therefore there is a simple formula to be applied, mayorships are based on the most days with check-ins in the past 60 days. So if you check-in more than once on the same day it is still calculated as 1x. Therefore to become mayor you will need to have the most number of check-ins. So if there is someone who has checked in more days that you, they get the title of mayor.

There is however a lot of freebies to help you on your way as many bars and cafes are now offering "Mayor Specials" like free coffees, discounts and other goodies. It therefore pays to be a mayor as you get a lot of free stuff. This of course is not guaranteed but there are goodies available in popular places.

(Hint: if you want to become mayor, you will need to have uploaded a profile photo to your account via your settings page)

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How to delete friends on Facebook

This is going to be a simple post on how to delete friends on Facebook. Many users when they first start using Facebook, go on a friend adding and accepting spree. Many find out later that there are some friends they would actually like to delete from their friends list. There are many reasons why users might want to delete a friend from their list and it happens all the time. All regular Facebook users would have experienced both sides of this coin one time or the other.

How to delete a friend on Facebook.

1. Login to Facebook
2. Click on the name of the friend, user, person you wish to delete
3. You are taken to their profile
4. Scroll all the way down
5. Right down at the bottom on the left hand side column you will find the option "Remove from friends". 
6. Click this and you will be asked to confirm if you really want to remove this person as friend. Click "remove from friends if you are sure or click cancel if you change your mind.
7. Your done.

If you have a number of friends you would like to remove. It would need to be done physically one by one. There is no mass deletion available on Facebook. After all it's a social network and meant for friends to interact and share information.

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Treasure Isle Poseidon Relic Guide

Upon visiting your isle, you will be greeted by this awesome popup:

The game then prompts you to place the foundation of the Poseidon Relic, which can be put anywhere in your waters.

Once you click on your relic and choose "Build", you'll see the following popup, asking you for materials needed for the building process:

You can:

  • Find relic materials while digging

  • Ask for materials through your feed

  • Send requests

  • Buy them with Treasure Isle Cash, for 1 cash per material

If you choose to buy them with Treasure Isle Cash, you will get a discount per building phase.

There are 4 building phases you have to go through, the first one requires 1 material of each, the second requires 2 of each, the third needs 3 of each and the 4th needs 4 of each.

Once you complete the statue, you will be able to receive awesome rewards from it, which includes:

  • Volcanic Tea (permanently increases your energy by +1)

  • Bag of Gems

  • 25 Treasure Isle Cash


[Via Treasure Isle Official Forums]

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

FrontierVille Storage Shed Guide

To get started, head to the in-game market and purchase the Storage Shed frame. You can find it under the Buildings tab in the Market. The frame costs 20,000 coins and 20 wood, and once you place it on your property, you'll have to spend 10 energy and a total of 100 pieces of wood to whack it. 

frontierville storage shed
Once all of the whacking is done, then you'll have to start collecting materials to complete the building. You'll have to collect 35 items in all, a list which consists of the following:

  • 5 Windows

  • 5 Cement

  • 5 Pegs

  • 5 Mallets

  • 5 Singles

  • 10 Elbow Grease

These materials can be acquired by requesting them from friends, and that is the only way you can get these materials right now -- you can't buy them in the store and they are also not available for everyone to send items as free gifts. That means that unless you have very active neighbors, building this shed could be quite difficult. Hopefully this will change over the next few days.

There's a new achievement that comes along with the Storage Shed -- the 'Saving Space' achievement. To complete this achievement, you will have to build the storage shed, customize it and buy one farm rake from the market (which costs 2,000 coins and 5 wood, located under Decorations in the market).frontierville storage shed achievement

I haven't finished my shed yet, mostly because the only way you can get the materials needed is by begging friends, there is no option to buy them in the store (not yet, at least). Here's the rest of the details from the official FrontierVille forums: 
"Building itself costs 120 Wood and 20,000 gold totally. Rare piece drops only on complete and daily bonus. Daily bonus contains random item from basic decorations: Cobblestones, Fences, Flowers, Chairs, Stools, Firewood, Benches, Crates, Shovels, Pitchforks and much more but no expensive or Horseshoe item."

storage shed collection

In addition to the achievement, there is also a new Storage Collection which consists of the following items:

* Door Hinge
* Spider
* Step Stool
* Toolbox
* Vice Clamp

Once you've collected all of these items, you will be able to turn them in for a free Work Bench decoration. 


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Zynga Poker contest, "Shuffle Up and Deal!" Best story will be rewarded with $10M chips and 50 Gold!

 Zynga Texas Hold'em poker is having a contest and you have a chance to win $10M chips and 50 Gold!. Find details of the contest and click this link to enter now

Our weekly "Shuffle Up and Deal" contest is all about your week playing Zynga Texas Hold'em Poker. Whether you want to tell us about finally winning that Round 3 Shootout, a really bad beat, a great bluff, or just a great night playing with family and friends, we want to hear it.
Post your stories in this thread.

1. Only one post per thread is allowed. Additional posts will be deleted and disqualified.

2. The contest will close at 12:00 PM Pacific Time (GMT-7) on Wednesday - 8/04/10 and the winners will be announced Friday – 8/06/10.

3. Winners will be notified via a Private Message on the forums. The message will include instructions for claiming the prize. You can find your Private Messages HERE.
NOTE: If you do not respond to the Private Message, you may not receive your winnings!!


-1 Grand Prize winner will be awarded $10M chips and 50 Gold.
-1 Runner-Up winner will be awarded $5M chips and 25 Gold.

Winners will be chosen by a vote of the Volunteer Moderators, Super Moderators, and Community Manager.

Good Luck and let's hear about your week in Zynga Poker! 

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FarmTown latest updates 15 New LEVELS, about 50 new items all in coins

FarmTown has announced all new updates for the game. The top level has now been increased to 115. There are also 50 new items available for coins only, which is a good thing if you want new decorations and items for your Farm.

- 15 New LEVELS (top level now is 115), about 50 new items all in coins
- Manure Spreader Tool allows you to fertilize your farms (in one click) and get 2 boxes instead of 1 when harvesting
- Flower Harvester Tool allows you to harvest up to 32 flowers at a time
- Big Bulldozer tool to delete 4 harvested or wasted fields at a time
- Sorting items in the Store by Level, Name, Cost and Harvest Time (top-right icon)
- Keep selected tool when changing farms, this will often save you having to move the tools between farms
- 'Switch View' menu option for alternate versions of the Juice Factory, Sandwich Restaurant and Oil Factory

Other Past Updates:

- Up to 5 farms now available for you to farm and decorate without space contrains
- Fishing Boat and Net, allow you to fish up to 9 fish at a time
- Fishing is now much easier on most water items even without a boat
- Almond Trees, Oats, Barley, Hops, Lot of new Paths and Grounds for your farm
- 'Switch View' option for alternates versions of the Snack Factory and the Food Preserve
- More products to make in your factories like Honey Ice Cream, Lemon Juice, Sunflower Seeds, Sunflower Wreath, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin Pie, Supreme Pizza
- New factories like Cereal Factory, Bee Farm, Oast and Malt House, Brewery, Coffee Grinder, Fish Farming Plant, Sushi Restaurant, Seafood Restaurant, Sawmill, Cinnamon Factory, Tea Factory, Coffee and Tea Shop
- Axe tool to chop Pine, Oak, Bamboo and Cinnamon trees and build furnitures later
- Product filters in storage and market windows to make selling much easier
- Transfer your animals between your farms or into buildings. Storage limit per-building increased from 50 to 100 animals
- Gift Trading, when you receive a gift, if you don't like it, the Mayor will offer you to exchange it for another gift you like better
- 'Buy One' and 'Buy Multiple' options when you click on items in your farm, this will save you going to the store everytime

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Friday, August 20, 2010

FarmVille Storage Cellar a complete guide

Storage Cellar:

The new storage cellar will allow you to store up to 500 items on your Farm once it is fully expanded. If you are level 16 or above, you will receive the following pop-up upon logging into FarmVille:

The Storage Cellar can be found in your Gift Box, or it can be purchased from the Market for 10,000 coins. To get started with this feature, open your gift box and place the Cellar on your farm.

Once you have placed your Storage Cellar, click on “look inside” from the Cellar’s menu. From here, you can see your progress, how you compare to your friends and your overall storage inventory.

To expand your Storage Cellar, you will need to collect shovels from your friends. Each Shovel that you collect will count as 1 storage space in your new Cellar.

You can collect materials for your Cellar in three different ways:
1. From neighbors via the Free Gifts Menu

Neighbors can send you the Shovels you need to expand your storage from the Free Gifts Page. Each gift sent from the Free Gifts Page will grant you two Shovels. When neighbors send you Shovels, it works exactly like any other free gift. After you accept the gift it will appear in your gift box. After clicking the "use" button under the gift it will automatically be added to your Storage Cellar.

2. Ask For More

When viewing the interior of your Storage Cellar you will see an “Ask for Shovels” button, that when clicked will take you to the Friend Selector page where you can select friends to send Gift Requests to for Shovels. Each gift sent from your Neighbors will grant you two Shovels.

3. Completing with Farm Cash.

If at any time during your construction process you decide that you’d rather simply purchase the Shovels required for the Cellar, you can do so by clicking the “Buy Shovels” button from the Garage’s menu. You can purchase Shovels in packs of 10 for 5 Farm Cash.
Using your Storage Cellar:

With the release of the Storage Cellar, we have increased the total storage capacity to 500.

As all storage on your Farm is part of one shared inventory, if you already have items stored in other buildings, they will count towards the new 500 limit. (For example, if you already have 100 items stored on your Farm in existing Storage Buildings, you will only be able to store 400 additional items in the Cellar once it is fully expanded.)

If you choose to not use the Storage Cellar, your Storage limit will still have increased to the new limit of 500. However, using the Storage Cellar will take up less room and provide more storage than using existing Storage Buildings.

If you wish to transfer your items from your other Storage Buildings into the Cellar, you will first have to increase the capacity of the cellar to make room for the items. If you have enough room in your Cellar, you can simply delete your other Storage Buildings and the items will automatically be placed in your Cellar. However, you will not be able to delete a Storage Building if the number of items stored within is greater than the number of spaces you have available in your Storage Cellar.
Redeeming Shovels for Items:

Shovels can be used for more than just increasing the capacity of your Cellar! As you collect Shovels, you will also gain “points”. As you gain points for trading in Shovels, you will be able to unlock new items. Clicking the “progress” tab in your Cellar’s information page will show you what items you can redeem with your points. As you collect points, each item you can unlock will be revealed as you collect the proper amount, and the "redeem" button will become available for each item. Clicking "Redeem" will award you the gift in return for the proper amount of points.

Additional Information:

  • Once placed on your Farm, the Storage Cellar cannot be sold or deleted.

  • The “Comparison” Button in the Cellar’s menu will show how many shovels you have collected in comparison to your friends.

  • You may only have one Storage Cellar on your farm at a time.

  • You cannot store Storage Buildings in your Storage Cellar.

[Via FarmVille Official Forums]

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FrontierVille Storage Shed

Got too mush stuff on your homestead, need more space for new decorations and buildings. FrontierVille have announced that soon you will be able to build a storage shed to place all the extra things you don't really need, but would like to keep. Seems like a lot of FarmVille ideas are now making their way to FrontierVille.Will update this post with more details as soon as they start Rollin in. 

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