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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let Me Foursquare That For You: Saves you the trouble of searching for great places

Let Me Foursquare That For You is a fun web app that comes to your rescue when asked a question that might go something like this. Where's a good Chinese place to eat? Any good libraries around here? You know how it goes you have either friends or family over and they want to know where to eat or which places to visit near by. Fear not when faced with such a question, simply go to the site, type in your query and hit the search button. You are then presented with a shortcode that looks something like this - -- copy and send this over to your pals. They can then open it and check out all the places that are recommended by the app after searching Foursquare.

Let Me Foursquare That for you - helps you find great placesThe app works on similar lines as -- let me Google that for you. Once the query is entered a link with the results is created which can be sent to people. works on a very similar concept and proves its value while your busy scratching you head for a list of venues for your guests. So the next time you are asked to come up with a list of nice places to eat, use the app. The results displayed come with the Foursquare rating with the best being on top. So there is no way you're making a mistake with your recommendations.

Let Me Foursquare That For You

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

foursquare: how to check in with friends?

If you do not want to share your location with friends

This seems to be a popular question among users regarding foursquare. How to check-in with friends. To break it down simply the question is this. How do I check-in with friends when we are at the same location. for those of you who have just started using foursquare this might be one of the questions you have. Because when you check-in to a particular place and you find your friends also there you would like to check-in with them. 

This is something that happens automatically. The App already knows who is checking-in to the same place and automatically includes your friends with you once you check-in. There is really nothing that needs to be done and this is an automatic process. foursquare will automatically include your friends with you once you check-in to a venue.

Please leave a comment to continue the discussion. 

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Foursquare Events - Collective check-in and sharing for Movies, Music and Sports

Foursquare have launched their newest update: FourSquare Events. So what exactly is FourSquare events and how does it work. with hundreds and thousands of events being held adn thousands of people attending it is only logical that Events on FourSquare is the next big thing. To make Events a success FourSquare now has a number of partners including ESPN, and SongKick for concerts. 

FourSquare says that with more than 50,000 events happening in the coming few months. You will be able to check-in to the event a few hours before it starts. That way people can use the event which appears and check-in rather than sending individual check-ins to their friends. This clears up a lot of clutter on their UI. This way big events are added to FourSquare and people can automatically check-in using the one feature event.

With Events for movies you can also see which of your friends viewed which movie and if you friends actually say the movie you want to check out. This comes as a whole new way of checking out the movies and who of your friends have see what.

With Events for Music you can begin to see what your friends taste in music is like and which concerts they attended.

With Events for Sports you can check out which events your buddies have attended and which events there are at now.

FourSquare events is now on the iPhone with no upgradation needed and coming to all other platforms soon.

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Monday, October 18, 2010

How to become a mayor in Foursquare

Becoming a mayor in Foursquare is the simplest thing. You need to have visited a certain place the most number of times. In Foursquare terms this is known as a check-in. Therefore there is a simple formula to be applied, mayorships are based on the most days with check-ins in the past 60 days. So if you check-in more than once on the same day it is still calculated as 1x. Therefore to become mayor you will need to have the most number of check-ins. So if there is someone who has checked in more days that you, they get the title of mayor.

There is however a lot of freebies to help you on your way as many bars and cafes are now offering "Mayor Specials" like free coffees, discounts and other goodies. It therefore pays to be a mayor as you get a lot of free stuff. This of course is not guaranteed but there are goodies available in popular places.

(Hint: if you want to become mayor, you will need to have uploaded a profile photo to your account via your settings page)

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to use fake check in on Foursquare

It works something like this. If you have friended someone on Foursquare and they visit a location somewhere in the world. You can click on that location and Check in there yourself.

There you have it as simple as that. So if you have many friends who are true globe trotters filled with wanderlust. You can check in there yourself. Not something we advocate but hey will fill your day with a lot of fun. Foursqaure has started to crack down on this cheat feature in their system. Either ways there are many people who just simply love to use the fake check in cheat on Foursqaure if nothing else but to make their friends happy. yeah some might even get a bit jealous if they are not able to catch on.

How to use fake check in on Facebook

You can travel the world and live in style sitting in your boring office. You can see the seven seas and visit the fanciest restaurants in the most exotic of locations. You do however need to have friends who would go there first. You can then use the cheat feature and tell the world and all your friends about all your great adventures.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

How to delete, block or remove Foursquare from Facebook.

There are two things people are worried about. If you simply want to delete notifications coming to your wall from Foursquare you would need to hover over the upper right hand side of the notification when it arrives and the option "Hide" appears. Simply click hide and the notifications will then be stopped.

This was you can continue your game and not get the notifications.

If you want to delete Foursquare from your application settings you would need to do the following
This works on the new Facebook design.

1. On the top right hand corner click on 'Account'.
2. Click on 'Application Settings'.
3. Find Foursquare and on the extreme right hand side you will find an (
X) you need to click that x
If you remove the application, it will no longer have access to your data and be removed from your profile, bookmarks, and Applications Page.
5. Click on the "Remove" Button
6. Your Done

You can also try this method

1. Account
2. Privacy Settings
3. Click on edit your settings under "Applications and Websites"
4. Click on Remove unwanted applications
5. Choose the applications you want to delete and click on remove.

By removing Foursquare completely you will now no more be able to play it. So you need to decide if you want to remove the game application completely or simply hide notifications. 

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Monday, June 14, 2010

How to access Foursquare on your Mobile Phone

Foursquare has been growing and more and more people would like to have access to it on their mobile phones.Since it is a Geo-location sort of site you will need to have Foursqaure on your phone to check in directly from the places your visiting. You can check in from anywhere and anyplace that you are visiting right now. Restaurants, bars, parks you name it. Apps are avialble to the iPhone, Blackberry, Andriod and Palm Pre. All other phones can use their Mobile Website to check-in from various places.

Foursquare has apps available for the iPhoneBlackberryAndroid and Palm Pre. If you don't have one of these phones, you can always use FourSquare's mobile website or if you prefer to checkin via SMS you can send a text to 50500 (like this: @ Ace Bar ! Playing skeeball). For now SMS checkins are only available in the US.

You would first need to signup on Foursquare before you can use their mobile website. You do not need to have a smartphone to access Foursquare

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