Saturday, July 10, 2010

How to use fake check in on Foursquare

It works something like this. If you have friended someone on Foursquare and they visit a location somewhere in the world. You can click on that location and Check in there yourself.

There you have it as simple as that. So if you have many friends who are true globe trotters filled with wanderlust. You can check in there yourself. Not something we advocate but hey will fill your day with a lot of fun. Foursqaure has started to crack down on this cheat feature in their system. Either ways there are many people who just simply love to use the fake check in cheat on Foursqaure if nothing else but to make their friends happy. yeah some might even get a bit jealous if they are not able to catch on.

How to use fake check in on Facebook

You can travel the world and live in style sitting in your boring office. You can see the seven seas and visit the fanciest restaurants in the most exotic of locations. You do however need to have friends who would go there first. You can then use the cheat feature and tell the world and all your friends about all your great adventures.


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