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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Facebook has New Privacy, Sharing, Tagging and Check In features [Photos]

Facebook has released the latest set up dates and has a lot to do with privacy and tagging options. You can now decide right from your status bar who gets to see your updates. If you are tagged in a status or a photo you would need to approve it before it gets publicly posted via Facebook. You can also see your profile as others see it right from your profile page. Actually this is an old feature that has been brought back. Another thing is that after you post a status updated you can also add changes it it at a later time. You can now tag anyone in Facebook even if they are not your friends. You now don't need a smartphone to check-in to Facebook you can do it on the web right from your Facebook.

You can now view your profile as others see it with this link on your profile page

Control who can see your status updates right from your status bar

Tag options present more clearly with actions you can take to protect your privacy

You can now add location and check in right on the web

Choose who you want to share with right from your status bar with just a single click

These options are located right on your profile page and with just a click you can control who sees this part of your profile

Accept a photo tag before it goes public on Facebook

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gmail's New Look [Photos]

The Google team has rolled out a whole new look for Gmail. Starting from the sign-in page right through the entire Gmail experience.

So what's new with the Gmail New look

For starters the look is more elastic and modern it feels like something that is light and easy to use. The reason for the elasticity is that Gmail would like to become more flexible and easily fit into any screen size and any browser. It will be something that looks and feel very modern, easy to play with and with a fewer rough edges.

Gmail also has a whole new set of themes to use. With the new look you have a whole new set of customization themes and colors to use and give your inbox a feel that you want. You can also create a your own custom theme.

There will also be less clutter as you inbox has a totally new feel which looks beautiful which Google says should match the power of Gmail.

How to get the new Gmail look
1. login to Gmail
2. Click on the Cog Icon found on top top right-hand corner
4. Your settings open up
5. Click on Themes
6. Right at the bottom your have preview and preview dense choose either one
7. You're done

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Foursquare Events - Collective check-in and sharing for Movies, Music and Sports

Foursquare have launched their newest update: FourSquare Events. So what exactly is FourSquare events and how does it work. with hundreds and thousands of events being held adn thousands of people attending it is only logical that Events on FourSquare is the next big thing. To make Events a success FourSquare now has a number of partners including ESPN, and SongKick for concerts. 

FourSquare says that with more than 50,000 events happening in the coming few months. You will be able to check-in to the event a few hours before it starts. That way people can use the event which appears and check-in rather than sending individual check-ins to their friends. This clears up a lot of clutter on their UI. This way big events are added to FourSquare and people can automatically check-in using the one feature event.

With Events for movies you can also see which of your friends viewed which movie and if you friends actually say the movie you want to check out. This comes as a whole new way of checking out the movies and who of your friends have see what.

With Events for Music you can begin to see what your friends taste in music is like and which concerts they attended.

With Events for Sports you can check out which events your buddies have attended and which events there are at now.

FourSquare events is now on the iPhone with no upgradation needed and coming to all other platforms soon.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to know how hot your YouTube video is

YouTube has statistics to show you how your audience is interacting with your video. With a a feature called 'Hot Spots' you can now find-out how hot your video actually is. which parts of your video is engaging your audiences the most. Are they rewinding your video and watching it again and again or just dropping-off. Is you video watch for it's full length or do viewers start stop and move on. These statistics are really important because you can learn a lot from it. How to make a better video next time. what your audience actually want. Even how to write and better and more compelling title.

How to check your video Hot Spots on YouTube
1. login to YouTube
2. Click on your YouTube username
3. Click on Videos
4. Click on 'Insights' below the video you want to find hot spots for
5. You can now play your video beside the graph which shows the hot spots of the video

If you look at the graph above you will see on the left verticle link three measure, cold, average and hot. If you want to know how hot your video is you graph should start and stop in the hot zone. If you graph starts in the cold zone you video is not that hot and average carries the same logic. The graph shows the up and down viewership in relation to other videos of similar size and length. These analytics help you analyze the effectiveness of your video. 

The temperature icon show in the graph measures how hot your video is in terms of how good your your video's ability is at holding your viewers attention. So if your temperature bar is half shaded your video is doing better that videos of similar length at holding viewers attention. 

Note: Hot Spots will not be available for videos that have a view count of less than 300 views.

Read More: YouTube Support

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