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Monday, October 24, 2011

Guerrilla Mail will give you a free one-hour Email address

Gureilla Mail is the answer if you need to use a temporary email address. This usually happens when users go to a particular site which they don't really know if is trustworthy. Many of these sites will require you to sign-in with your email ID. When you do this which seems to be legit enough, you don't really know if you are going to be hit with spam later. These disposable mail IDs can come in handy and save your real mail DI from getting unwanted spammy mails. It also saves you the trouble of creating a fake email ID to be used when visiting and singing-up on sites that are a little sketchy.

Gureilla mail will assign a email address from which will expire in 60 minutes. So the next time you would like to singup and need a temporary disposable email ID you know where to go. 

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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Gmail's New Look [Photos]

The Google team has rolled out a whole new look for Gmail. Starting from the sign-in page right through the entire Gmail experience.

So what's new with the Gmail New look

For starters the look is more elastic and modern it feels like something that is light and easy to use. The reason for the elasticity is that Gmail would like to become more flexible and easily fit into any screen size and any browser. It will be something that looks and feel very modern, easy to play with and with a fewer rough edges.

Gmail also has a whole new set of themes to use. With the new look you have a whole new set of customization themes and colors to use and give your inbox a feel that you want. You can also create a your own custom theme.

There will also be less clutter as you inbox has a totally new feel which looks beautiful which Google says should match the power of Gmail.

How to get the new Gmail look
1. login to Gmail
2. Click on the Cog Icon found on top top right-hand corner
4. Your settings open up
5. Click on Themes
6. Right at the bottom your have preview and preview dense choose either one
7. You're done

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