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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Foursquare Events - Collective check-in and sharing for Movies, Music and Sports

Foursquare have launched their newest update: FourSquare Events. So what exactly is FourSquare events and how does it work. with hundreds and thousands of events being held adn thousands of people attending it is only logical that Events on FourSquare is the next big thing. To make Events a success FourSquare now has a number of partners including ESPN, and SongKick for concerts. 

FourSquare says that with more than 50,000 events happening in the coming few months. You will be able to check-in to the event a few hours before it starts. That way people can use the event which appears and check-in rather than sending individual check-ins to their friends. This clears up a lot of clutter on their UI. This way big events are added to FourSquare and people can automatically check-in using the one feature event.

With Events for movies you can also see which of your friends viewed which movie and if you friends actually say the movie you want to check out. This comes as a whole new way of checking out the movies and who of your friends have see what.

With Events for Music you can begin to see what your friends taste in music is like and which concerts they attended.

With Events for Sports you can check out which events your buddies have attended and which events there are at now.

FourSquare events is now on the iPhone with no upgradation needed and coming to all other platforms soon.

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