Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Facebook has New Privacy, Sharing, Tagging and Check In features [Photos]

Facebook has released the latest set up dates and has a lot to do with privacy and tagging options. You can now decide right from your status bar who gets to see your updates. If you are tagged in a status or a photo you would need to approve it before it gets publicly posted via Facebook. You can also see your profile as others see it right from your profile page. Actually this is an old feature that has been brought back. Another thing is that after you post a status updated you can also add changes it it at a later time. You can now tag anyone in Facebook even if they are not your friends. You now don't need a smartphone to check-in to Facebook you can do it on the web right from your Facebook.

You can now view your profile as others see it with this link on your profile page

Control who can see your status updates right from your status bar

Tag options present more clearly with actions you can take to protect your privacy

You can now add location and check in right on the web

Choose who you want to share with right from your status bar with just a single click

These options are located right on your profile page and with just a click you can control who sees this part of your profile

Accept a photo tag before it goes public on Facebook

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