Wednesday, November 9, 2011

foursquare: how to check in with friends?

If you do not want to share your location with friends

This seems to be a popular question among users regarding foursquare. How to check-in with friends. To break it down simply the question is this. How do I check-in with friends when we are at the same location. for those of you who have just started using foursquare this might be one of the questions you have. Because when you check-in to a particular place and you find your friends also there you would like to check-in with them. 

This is something that happens automatically. The App already knows who is checking-in to the same place and automatically includes your friends with you once you check-in. There is really nothing that needs to be done and this is an automatic process. foursquare will automatically include your friends with you once you check-in to a venue.

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