Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Facebook: What happened to hide all posts?

Now this is the thing, previously on Facebook when you wanted to hide all posts from a certain users. All you had to do was to hover on the right-hand side of their post and click the drop-down button. You would then be able to hide that particular post or hide all posts from that users. Now the 'Hide all posts' has vanished and you are able to hide only that particular posts. There are many users on the internet who seem to be baffled and want to know how to get the 'Hide all posts' back.

There is a very logical reason as to why Facebook does not have the hide all posts. As you might be aware Facebook introduced the subscribe button. Which means that you have been automatically subscribed to all your Facebook friends. Because of which their updated are coming into your news feed. If you would want to discontinue reading their stuff, viewing their photos and watching the videos they might share. There is simple solution. You will need to unsubscribe from that person. Which would mean you no longer receive updated from that person.

How to unsubscribe from someone on Facebook

1. Login to Facebook

2. Hover over the right-hand side of the post you want to unsubscribe from

3. Click on the down arrow

4. From the drop-down options click on unsubscribe

5. You're done

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