Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Let Me Foursquare That For You: Saves you the trouble of searching for great places

Let Me Foursquare That For You is a fun web app that comes to your rescue when asked a question that might go something like this. Where's a good Chinese place to eat? Any good libraries around here? You know how it goes you have either friends or family over and they want to know where to eat or which places to visit near by. Fear not when faced with such a question, simply go to the site, type in your query and hit the search button. You are then presented with a shortcode that looks something like this - -- copy and send this over to your pals. They can then open it and check out all the places that are recommended by the app after searching Foursquare.

Let Me Foursquare That for you - helps you find great placesThe app works on similar lines as -- let me Google that for you. Once the query is entered a link with the results is created which can be sent to people. works on a very similar concept and proves its value while your busy scratching you head for a list of venues for your guests. So the next time you are asked to come up with a list of nice places to eat, use the app. The results displayed come with the Foursquare rating with the best being on top. So there is no way you're making a mistake with your recommendations.

Let Me Foursquare That For You

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