Thursday, October 25, 2012

Facebook Wall Photos Missing? Changed to Timeline Photos

'Timeline Photos' is right now trending on Twitter -- the reason, Facebook has changed the Album Wall Photos to Timeline Photos. So the next time you login to Facebook and check your photo albums, don't be surprised that your wall photos album is missing. It has gone nowhere but simply renamed to Timeline Photos. As Facebook continues to roll out Timeline to all its users. The change is on its way to completion. All photos that you might have previously uploaded to your Facebook wall is now showing on your Timeline -- it seems logical then that the album should actually be named to 'Timeline Photos'. Users might find that the old album 'Wall Photos' is not found at all. This does not mean all your photos are missing. Instead check for the album 'Timeline Photos'. This is happening as Facebook slowly moves everyone to Timeline. The new Facebook profile -- Timeline is still not yet mandatory for all users but in time everyone will have to use Timeline. Once that gets completed. there will be no more wall and Timeline will be the default Facebook profile. let us know what you think about this change in the comments section below.

Facebook Wall PhotosCheck out some of the reactions coming in from Twitter users about this new change:

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