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Thursday, June 14, 2012

How to review posts friends tag you in before it appears on your Facebook Timeline

With Facebook you know how your pals keep posting updates and tagging you in it. Sometimes these tagged posts may not be something you really want to appear on your Timeline. Facebook has a process found in your privacy settings to take care of this. It is nice to have people tagging you in a post but if you would like to review all these posts before they appear on your Timeline, you can use this workaround to make sure nothing appears without your approval. This goes for all kinds of posts like pics, videos, status updates etc.

How to review a post before it appears on my Facebook Timeline
1. Login to Facebook
2. Click the down-arrow beside home
3. Choose Privacy Settings
4. Beside Timeline and Tagging click on Edit Settings
5. beside 'Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your Timeline Choose 'On'
6. You now see a screen with Enabled on it - this will mean that posts your tagged in need your approval before they appear on your Timeline
7. Select Enabled and you're done - to disable this option please follow the same process and choose 'Disabled'. 

Note: Posts your tagged in may still appear elsewhere.  When you have a post to review, the Needs Review tab will appear on your timeline.

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How to disable or remove an add-on or extension in Google Chrome

Chrome Store for Extensions

Google's Chrome Browser has taken over as the most popular browser. Using Chrome is simple and easy, you can add all kinds of add-ons, plug-ins and extensions. There is even a part of the Chrome Store dedicated to extensions which can be found here. Adding an extension in Chrome is a very simple task and if you want to remove or disable an addon or extension it can be done in three easy steps. Chrome has been made for simple and fast browsing. Enabling even a newbie to accomplish tasks that have previously been considered difficult. So if you are fed-up with an extension of add-on and you would like remove it here is how to do so.

How to disable a Chrome Extension
1. Launch Google Chrome
2. Click on the Wrench icon. (Top right-hand corner)
3. Click on tools and then on extensions
4. Find the Add-on or extension you want to remove and then uncheck the box before enabled
5. 'Enabled' should now turn to 'Enable' meaning it has been disabled and you would need to click the check-box before that extension would work again on Chrome
6. You're done. 

Check out the video below for the visuals. 

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