Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Facebook Timeline Guide

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Facebook launched Timeline last year with the option for users to try it out, test it for 7 days before it goes live on their profiles. Over the next week whether you are ready or not it is coming to you, once you see the announcement on top of your homepage, you will have 7 days to check it out and delete or remove or add stories to your Timeline. This is going to take many uses by surprise and the rush is going to be on as to how on earth do you get it ready before friends can see your Timeline.

We have a few guides to help you get started and we have them listed below. If you require further guides and lists do let us know in the comment section below.

1. How to delete old posts on Facebook Timeline

2. How to limit the audience of past posts on your Timeline

3. How to upload videos to your Timeline

4. How to add apps to your Timeline 

5. How to get Facebook Timeline right now
6. Difference between delete and hide post on Timeline
7. How to set your full friends list privacy settings
8. How to make sure your Timeline can be viewed only by friends and set it to private. 

A lot of the adjustments you will make will be through the activity log

1. What is the activity log and how does it work? 

2. how to allow, feature or hide posts on Timeline using the activity log. 

Blog Post by Facebook announcing the Timeline now being available globally can be found here

Facebook Timeline: How to videos

Move photos between albums

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