Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Google Doodle for the Republic Day of India

Jan 26, is celebrated in India as Republic Day - the day when India got its constitution. 2012 marks the country's 63 Republic Day. The constitution came into force replacing the Government of India act of 1935. It is also one of the three national holidays in India. Each state in India celebrates the anniversary in varying forms for in the capital Delhi, the main parade takes place in front of the president. A Day that is celebrated all over India.

Google has a new Doodle out for Jan 26 and it it known as 'Republic Day of India'. The doodle is not animated but an image that when clicked leads to more general information of Republic day. The image however is interesting as it has three elephants dancing along in a parade with happy kids sitting on top, with a  umbrella found on top of elephants. The umbrellas have the colors of the Indian national flag. Google Doodles are special Google Logos created to mark specific and special events and birthdays that happen around the World. wishing all Indians a Happy Republic Day!. 

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