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11 ways to effectively use Pinterest to gain traffic and Social Media Clout

Some of our pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is the hot new social network that will soon need no introduction. If you would like to go through our guide you can find it here. Pinterest is basically sharing things you like on the web in picture form. When you see a photo or image that catches your eye, you can pin it onto Pinterest. Other members of the network can then view your Pin and if they like it, they can repin it, post a comment, add it to one of their boards. A board is a collection of pins. You can also pin your own content and it is not seen as something that is a no-no on the site. It is therefore top dollar when it comes to generating traffic to your blog or website. You can also share you pins and boards on Twitter and Facebook.

Here are 10 ways to ensure you get the most of of Pinterest. Please also remember that if you images and videos do not catch the eye or the imagination, it is of no use. 

1. Become an expert and curate your personal brand just as you would on Twitter. You can share all your posts from your blog but ensure that you now work on the photos and images. Making sure that they are sure to catch the eye and the imagination
2. Connect your Pinterest to Your Facebook and Twitter accounts. This way each time you generate a pin you can share it with your Twitter contacts and Facebook friends.
3. If you are following at least one of another users's boards you can add that person as a contributor. This way you can add your friends as contributors to your boards. 
4. Get your pals to like your pins and boards this ensure wider publicity across the network
5. White creating a pin add an amazing image and a title that attracts and accurately address the image and if the image if from your blog or website, makes sure there are no misleading titles, images and videos. No one wants to be fooled.
6. Appreciate users who add comments and repin your pins and blogs. Just like Twitter you can use the '@' sign in front of a person's name to mention then in a comment.
7. You can also sell your pics if you wish. When creating a pin you can add a '$' or '£' and Pinterest will add a price to your photo, which will then appear in the gifts category. You can do this for all your prized photos.
8. Creating effect and eye catching pins ensure you get lots of followers. Who in turn repin and add 'Likes' to your boards. They can then in turn share the same across networks like 'Twitter' and 'Facebook', effectively giving you huge social media clout. Because the whole thing is based on images and photos it generates a whole lot of clicks from interested people who would like to know more about your pin or boards.
9. You need to create pins as often as possible the more pins your create the more eyeballs it attracts. fresh content is guaranteed to get more original pins, and more the more ripens you get, means your audience is starting to grown and people are waiting for your next pin.
10. Add a Pintest button on your website or blog. Let people follow you on Pinterest right from your website or blog
11. Add a vanity URL to your Top Boards, to follow us the URl would be pinterest.com./sociolatte

Finally happy pinning everyone and don't forget to leave a comment with your views and feedback regarding this amazing new site.

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