Saturday, February 4, 2012

Skype 5.8 for Windows now has Facebook Video Chat, HD Video-Calling, Screen Sharing and Push To Talk

The newest version of Skype 5,8 for windows is out and it comes with some new and added features. You can now chat with your Facebook friends and choose between audio and video calling, if your Facebook friends are not online you can hide those and view only those friends who are online. You can chat with them even if they are not Skype users. You can now also make crystal-clear video calls to all your friends, family and business contacts with Skype HD video calling. There is also group screen share for conference calls, users can now share their entire screen with people who are on the conference call. To make video calls however you would need a Logitech C920 video cam, this is because all the encoding is done within the cam and enables full HD or HD quality videos with older cams.

Skype have also said that users of multiplayer games have requested push to talk which is now available. With push to talk you can now set a hotkey and toggle microphone muting on a Skype call. All this and more on the new Skype. 
Source: Skype Garage Blog, there is also a download link available here

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