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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Treasure Isle Boats

New Boats in the Store 
There are eight (8) New Boats in the Store:
(i) Swan Boat: Cost 60 Island Cash, gives 360 XP & +3 Max Energy 
(ii) 3D Boat: Cost 60 Island Cash, gives 360 XP & +3 Max Energy 
(iii) Car Boat: Cost 50 Island Cash, gives 300 XP & +2 Max Energy 
(iv) Gondola: Cost 50 Island Cash, gives 300 XP & +2 Max Energy
(v) Mushroom Boat: Cost 50 Island Cash, gives 300 XP & +2 Max Energy
(vi) Rubber Ducky: Cost 35 Island Cash, gives 210 XP & +1 Max Energy
(vii) Egyptian Boat: Cost 35 Island Cash, gives 210 XP & +1 Max Energy
(viii) Paper Boat: Cost 35 Island Cash, gives 210 XP & +1 Max Energy

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Treasure Isle Revamped Treasure Chest Guide

Reworked Treasure Chest 
The Treasure Chest has been revamped!!! 

(i) The number of completed collections is shown on the console 
(ii) Inside your Treasure Chest
(a) treasure collections are organised by Tabs based on the Map Campaigns 
(b) The Mastery Stars let you know if a particular treasure collection has been completed (by highlighted star) and what level Mastery has been attained (Level 1 - 4) 
(iii) You can now get treasures added to collections even if you have not begun digging the Maps on which they can be found, via the Wishing Well...
(iv) When you attain a Mastery Level you earn fruit/energy rewards and you also get some to share with friends via your FB Feed 

Check out the New Look Treasure Chest now!

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Treasure Isle Wishing Well

1. Wishing Well
There's a new interactive decoration that gives big rewards! Build your wishing well and for the cost of 25 energy per wish you can reap:

(i) Rewards: Gems, coins, XP, Fruit 
(ii) TOP REWARDS: Treasures from your Treasure Chest wishlist, 1 Million coins, 100 Island Cash 

Build your wishing well by digging for all ten (10) material parts needed or build and start reaping rewards instantly for only 1 Island Cash per part.

Place your Wishing Well, Update your wishlist and Play Treasure Isle now. 

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Treasure Isle: Asian Isles is now open to for digging

Treasure Isle has released 7 new maps called "Rising Sun Run". Here is the teaser from Treasure Isle "Pack up some fruits and save up some fire shovels because Asian Isles is now open to for digging. Check out the Rising Sun Run maps, complete the newest collections and explore the world of Treasure Isle".  Only problem is that three of these seven new maps can be opened only with treasure cash. These new maps with an Asian theme are a nice and welcome change in the game. 

The seven new maps available are:

Rising Sun Run Isles 
(i) Snowy Glade
(ii) Fuji Isle
(iii) Tanuki Forest needs level 41
(iv) Sacred Shrine needs level 150
(v) The Master Artist (opens for 10 Island Cash)
(vi) Sushi Shack (opens for 16 Island Cash)
(vii) Peaceful Monastary (opens for 20 Island Cash) 

10 new treasure collections have also been added:

Rising Sun Run Treasure Collections
(i) Samurai Gear
(ii) Silk
(iii) Necklaces of Power
(iv) Origami
(v) Fetching Flowers
(vi) Necklace Parts
(vii) Geisha Ornaments
(viii) Instruments
(ix) Bonsai Trees
(x) Sushi 

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Treasure Isle New Feature: Send a Thank You Gift

Now, whenever you accept a gift request, you will be able to press a "Send a Thank You Gift" button, and be able to instantly send a gift back to your neighbor. Just like all the other Zynga games this feature is now in Treasure Isle, so every time you get a gift you can send the same gift or choose another gift to send back. This new feature is very helpful and keeps the gifts flowing. 

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Treasure Isle: How to get energy refill every time you help a neighbor

Now you can receive +1 energy refill every time you help out a neighbor!

For that, you will have to do the following:

  • Visit your neighbor, and accept their Gem Tree popup

  • Go back to your home isle, then visit the same neighbor again, accepting the Help Out popup

Once you helped them out, you will notice a +1 Energy icon show in place of the +5 Experience:

The limit is 25 neighbors, for a total of +25 energy refill.

[Via Treasure Isle Official Forums]

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Treasure Isle Poseidon Relic Guide

Upon visiting your isle, you will be greeted by this awesome popup:

The game then prompts you to place the foundation of the Poseidon Relic, which can be put anywhere in your waters.

Once you click on your relic and choose "Build", you'll see the following popup, asking you for materials needed for the building process:

You can:

  • Find relic materials while digging

  • Ask for materials through your feed

  • Send requests

  • Buy them with Treasure Isle Cash, for 1 cash per material

If you choose to buy them with Treasure Isle Cash, you will get a discount per building phase.

There are 4 building phases you have to go through, the first one requires 1 material of each, the second requires 2 of each, the third needs 3 of each and the 4th needs 4 of each.

Once you complete the statue, you will be able to receive awesome rewards from it, which includes:

  • Volcanic Tea (permanently increases your energy by +1)

  • Bag of Gems

  • 25 Treasure Isle Cash


[Via Treasure Isle Official Forums]

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Treasure Isle harvest fruits and share them with your neighbors

Treasure Isle has announced that after you harvest your fruits you can now share them with up to 3 friends. Uses of the game are aware that fruits are used for energy and gain energy points. So this is good news for players who can now plant and grown fruits and once they are harvested, the harvest can be shared with up to 3 friends. The more fruit you have the more energy you will have while digging for treasures in Treasure Isle. 

So now growing fruit in Treasure Isle will take off, collaboration  will be the key and if you have good neighbors. You can share the fruit and share the energy. 

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Treasure Isle Trade Coins For Cash

A surprising update came tonight on the Treasure Isle fan page, telling us that soon, players will be able to trade their coins in for Island Cash. This is a huge announcement, and one that players will likely be very excited about. Typically, you can only buy a game's "hard currency" through paying real money (or taking part in 'offers'). Sometimes, you can also buy additional "soft currency" (usually coins) with real life money as well. But as far as we know, there aren't any social games out there yet that allow you to buy hard currency with soft currency.

This provides a huge benefit for players who have a lot of neighbors and are diligent about helping them out. In addition, people who have a lot of Facebook friends and can claim wall bonuses will have a serious advantage here. This update will make gaining Island Cash much easier for people who have been hoarding all of their coins.

So far, we don't know any details. We're not sure of the pricing, or if there will be a limitation per day. We're excited to hear more, and we'll be sure to update you all when this new feature goes live.


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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Treasure Isle Volcano Isles

Treasure Isle has released a whole new set of Maps called Volcano Isle. There are 7 new maps available and ready for digging. A new set of seven volcano-themed maps have been launched today. These new maps are named the following:

Burning Phoenix - 15 Island CashImp Fort
Old Gem Mine - 10 Island CashPhoenix Roost
Jeweled Palace
Fairy Castle - 5 Island CashWrong Turn!

Put some ice into those boots, cause you'll be walking on hot ground!
The new Volcano Isles map has been released today!
You can find the maps easily by clicking on the red crystal icon on the maps screen:

The Volcano Isles feature 7 new maps for your digging enjoyment, 3 of which are purchasable with Treasure Isle Cash.

Special Features:

You will need Phoenix Feathers to unlock the doors blocking your way.
You can obtain a Phoenix Feather by

  • Buying with Treasure Isle Cash

  • Digging it up in Fire God Mountain


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Monday, August 16, 2010

Treasure Isle Fun Facts

Here are some interesting and fun facts released by Zynga Treasure Isle. These they say are from July 2010. Simple unbelievable the amount of activity going on in the Game. Their Facebook fan page already has over 7 million players and counting. Treasure Isle is hugely successful and involves players setting up their own Home Island. After which they get to travel to other islands to find and dig up treasures. 

- 30,654,846,535 tiles have been dug
- 4,281,493,621 treasures have been found
- 4,705,285,510 fruits have been consumed
- 511,720,644 fruits have been harvested

since July 2010? 

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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Treasure Isle Hot Air Balloons

For a limited time of five days you can now buy hot air balloons on Treasure Isle. These balloons are now available in the market place for 40 treasure isle cash each and come with + 10 backpack spaces each. You can now increase the storage capacity of your backpacks with 10 additional spaces each with each hot air balloon.

There are 8 hot air balloons in the market place now and available only for the next 5 days.

1. Anvil Balloon
2. Steampunk Balloon
3. Strawberry Balloon
4. Checker Balloon
5. Kittens Balloon
6. Pink & Blue Balloon
7. Rainbow Balloon
8. Starry Balloon

You can now place these balloons on your home island and watch the sky as they float around. 

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Treasure Isle Gem Trees Update

**You may notice something a little different with gem trees. You are now able to share the first three gems from neighbors you collect. When you first arrive at their island, this message will come up:

After collecting the gem, another message will come up, asking if you could share that gem with the neighbor. Sharing will place a post on their FB wall and allow them to collect a gem (of a random color) for their own.

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Treasure Isle Gem Mine how does it work

**Tonight's major release will help many who are having trouble gathering gems. After completely building it, the Gem Mine will allow you to get up to five gems of your color choice per day.

Upon entering Treasure Isle, you will see this message:

After placing it, you will first need to prepare the mine by spending chunks of 5 energy, four times.

After you complete this, you will need to complete the Gem Mine before you can start collecting your gems. Go ahead and open up the menu for the mine, and you should be met with a pretty familiar screen to the pirate ship and tiki statue.

There are 2 ways to collect the necessary items:
  • You can ask your neighbors to send you the materials by clicking on the "Ask for More" button under each item's picture. This may be done once per 12 hours.

  • If you choose to do so, you can also buy them for Treasure Isle Cash (each piece costs 1 Cash) to instantly complete the building round. You can save three Island Cash if you choose to immediately complete it at 22 Island Cash.

Users are also able to gift the pieces through the normal Free Gifts (everyone has two of the five pieces available to gift, chosen randomly). Once you complete this, you may start collecting from the mine once daily for a chance at 1-5 of a gem of your choice.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Treasure Isle Gem Mine

Treasure Isle has just announced that a Gem Mine will be coming to the game. Details on how to get the mine are still not clear and will be made available as soon as they are made public. All users of this game know that you cannot do much if you do not have enough gems. it is therefore necessary to get the Gem Well. This will be a huge event in Treasure Isle and we will keep the updates coming as soon as more info leaks out. 

What are Gems Used For?

Gems are used to unlock Gem Statues. These statues are found on different islands. You can access the islands, but part of the island will be black. You will then have to use a gem to unlock that part of the island. You will see a Gem statue and you can place your mouse on it and it will show you what type of gem you will need. Sometimes the box will say x1 and sometimes it will say x5. That means that is the number of gems you will need to unlock that statue.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Treasure Isle Build a Relic

You can now build an ancient Tiki relic in Treasure Isle. Once built you'll be able to collect daily rewards from the relic. To begin construction you will need to login to the game to play. Once you login you get a pop-up telling you about the Ancient Relic you can either store it or place it on your Isle.

If you choose to place it on your Isle you can start to build the relic. Simple click on the image and select "Click to upgrade"

Clicking on upgrade will bring up a screen telling you what you need to complete the build. To build you will need 1 glue, 1 dye, 1 fire,1 metal, 1 oil. There are three ways to get these building items. You can click on the "Ask for more" link and ask your friends. buy the whole set for 5 treasure cash or You can also find construction materials by digging on the Tiki Isles (the new Apes of Ages maps also belong to the Tiki Isles).

Once you finsih building your relic you start to get your daily reward.

Note: Did you know you can upgrade your Relic more than once? After completing the momentous monument the first time, click on the Relic again to continue construction. You can ask for materials, or complete it right away by using 9 Treasure Isle Cash (you get 1 cash discount).

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Friday, August 6, 2010

Treasure Isle: what to do with monkey wrenches

Wondering what to do with all those monkey wrenches. Here is the answer.

treasure isle apes of the agesPerhaps most exciting to Treasure Isle fans is the monkey wrench. All you wizards of the mysterious Monkey Palace have been wondering what to do with those rare monkey wrenches you've been digging up. With the discovery of the Apes of the Ages islands, those monkey wrenches can finally be put to use. Each island has at least one Monkey Contraption, an impasse causing device that requires at least one monkey wrench to open. To see how many are required place your cursor over the Monkey Contraption and a balloon will appear like the one seen at right.

treasure isle apes of the ages

All kinds of treasures are buried beneath the island, and it's up to you to find them all. Despite two islands costing Island Cash, five gorgeous monkey islands are free to play. Apes of the Ages awaits! Head to Treasure Isle to commence the search and put those monkey wrenches to use.

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Treasure Isle New Maps Apes of the Ages

All new maps "Apes of the Ages" has been released in Treasure Isle. These new set of maps consists of 7 islands. Explorers now have all these islands to explore and find treasures. 

The Islands are

1. Donkey Chong
2. Emerald Island
3. Ape-ollo 19
4. Isle of the apes
5. Ape odyssey
6. Queen Conga. You will need 13 Treasure Cash to release this Island
7. Penned up pirates You will need 16 Treasure Cash to release this Island

There you have it, if you have enough monkey wrenches, it will help you in your exploration. make sure you have enough. 

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Treasure Isle Monka Bars

All new energy bars are here in Treasure Isle, called "Monka Bars" there new bars come with a chance of winning a golden ticket. Golden tickets are what gets you into Monkey Palace. You need 4 golden tickets to enter monkey palace. You can now send these monka bars from the free gifts tab and ask your friends to send you back some using the ask for a gift tab. While eating these monka bars for energy you just might get golden tickets which you can use to get into Monkey Palace. 

So how do you get Golden Tickets to enter Monkey Palace. 

1. Simple click the icon in Treasure Isle which says ask for golden tickets from your friends. They can then send you golden tickets.

2. Keep a lookout on your News Feed. If you friends get golden tickets they can then share an extra one on their news feed click on the link will give you a golden ticket.

3. Get a golden ticket from Monka Bar

4. When trying to enter Monkey Palace there is a link telling you to ask your friends for more chocolate bars. Ask for these bars and get golden tickets.

Golden Tickets are now even used in place of SPF-3000 and can be used to enter fire god mountain now. 

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Treasure Isle Apes of the Ages Map

Now that you entered Monkey Palace and collected all those monkey wrenches. Players did not know what to use them for and now Treasure Isle has revealed the secret to those Monkey Wrenches and their uses. There is an all new map coming to Treasure Isle called "Apes of the Ages". Monkey Wrench will come in handy when this map opens in Treasure Isle. You will need one or a few says the teaser from Treasure Isle. So save up all those monkey wrenches for the new map. You just might need them to gain entry to Apes of the ages map. The image on the left clearly shows the monkey wrench in use for the apes of the ages map.

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