Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Treasure Isle Monka Bars

All new energy bars are here in Treasure Isle, called "Monka Bars" there new bars come with a chance of winning a golden ticket. Golden tickets are what gets you into Monkey Palace. You need 4 golden tickets to enter monkey palace. You can now send these monka bars from the free gifts tab and ask your friends to send you back some using the ask for a gift tab. While eating these monka bars for energy you just might get golden tickets which you can use to get into Monkey Palace. 

So how do you get Golden Tickets to enter Monkey Palace. 

1. Simple click the icon in Treasure Isle which says ask for golden tickets from your friends. They can then send you golden tickets.

2. Keep a lookout on your News Feed. If you friends get golden tickets they can then share an extra one on their news feed click on the link will give you a golden ticket.

3. Get a golden ticket from Monka Bar

4. When trying to enter Monkey Palace there is a link telling you to ask your friends for more chocolate bars. Ask for these bars and get golden tickets.

Golden Tickets are now even used in place of SPF-3000 and can be used to enter fire god mountain now. 

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