Sunday, August 22, 2010

Treasure Isle Poseidon Relic Guide

Upon visiting your isle, you will be greeted by this awesome popup:

The game then prompts you to place the foundation of the Poseidon Relic, which can be put anywhere in your waters.

Once you click on your relic and choose "Build", you'll see the following popup, asking you for materials needed for the building process:

You can:

  • Find relic materials while digging

  • Ask for materials through your feed

  • Send requests

  • Buy them with Treasure Isle Cash, for 1 cash per material

If you choose to buy them with Treasure Isle Cash, you will get a discount per building phase.

There are 4 building phases you have to go through, the first one requires 1 material of each, the second requires 2 of each, the third needs 3 of each and the 4th needs 4 of each.

Once you complete the statue, you will be able to receive awesome rewards from it, which includes:

  • Volcanic Tea (permanently increases your energy by +1)

  • Bag of Gems

  • 25 Treasure Isle Cash


[Via Treasure Isle Official Forums]

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