Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Treasure Isle Volcano Isles

Treasure Isle has released a whole new set of Maps called Volcano Isle. There are 7 new maps available and ready for digging. A new set of seven volcano-themed maps have been launched today. These new maps are named the following:

Burning Phoenix - 15 Island CashImp Fort
Old Gem Mine - 10 Island CashPhoenix Roost
Jeweled Palace
Fairy Castle - 5 Island CashWrong Turn!

Put some ice into those boots, cause you'll be walking on hot ground!
The new Volcano Isles map has been released today!
You can find the maps easily by clicking on the red crystal icon on the maps screen:

The Volcano Isles feature 7 new maps for your digging enjoyment, 3 of which are purchasable with Treasure Isle Cash.

Special Features:

You will need Phoenix Feathers to unlock the doors blocking your way.
You can obtain a Phoenix Feather by

  • Buying with Treasure Isle Cash

  • Digging it up in Fire God Mountain


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