Tuesday, August 17, 2010

GetGlue: How does it work

What is GetGlue and how does it work.

GetGlue is a entertainment based social network and is available for Android and the iPhone. The iPad version will be coming soon. Once you get the App you can rate movies, music, stars, shows etc. See reviews by your friends and get recommendations. GetGlue currently has more than 4.5M new unique ratings and check-ins for tv shows, movies, music and books every month. GetGlue users rate and check-in to things they like to get recommendations and earn rewards and stickers.

The main features for the App include.

  • Check-in to tv shows, movies, music, games, and books

  • Share check-ins with your Twitter and Facebook friends

  • See what your friends are currently watching, reading or listening to

  • Earn leaderboard points and get stickers from GetGlue and major brands

  • Rate lists of popular shows, movies, music and books

  • Get suggestions for weekly new releases and old favorites picked just for you

  • Take your favorite entertainment and suggestions with you everywhere

GetGlue has also announced new exciting stickers from partners - Revision3, HBO, Showtime, Barnes and Noble, Universal, Thrillist, FEARNet and TV Squad.

Revision3: A geeks dream come true - the fan stickers for all top Revision3 shows are here. We also have some secret stickers for Beer, Kevin Rose and Veronica Belmont.

HBO: When HBO launched stickers for True Blood, Entourage and Hung, fans loved them for their bold look and edgy names. Today, HBO is announcing a set of HBO personality stickers. To earn these, fans need to like various shows, characters and stars.

Showtime: Showtime is back on with the premier of Weeds and The Big C. We are delighted to offer exclusive stickers for these shows. The new Weeds secret stickers are sure to delight the fans of the Botwin family, with their provocative colors and themes.

Other partners: Barnes and Noble fans can now get a sticker for their favorite book store and also a special sticker for Nook. Since Friday, many of you have already earned a new sticker from Universal for checking-in to the Scott Pillgrim movie. We are also delighted to announce exclusive stickers for fans of Thrillist, FEARNet and TV Squad.

To download the iPhone App or Android App please click here

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