Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Treasure Isle Trade Coins For Cash

A surprising update came tonight on the Treasure Isle fan page, telling us that soon, players will be able to trade their coins in for Island Cash. This is a huge announcement, and one that players will likely be very excited about. Typically, you can only buy a game's "hard currency" through paying real money (or taking part in 'offers'). Sometimes, you can also buy additional "soft currency" (usually coins) with real life money as well. But as far as we know, there aren't any social games out there yet that allow you to buy hard currency with soft currency.

This provides a huge benefit for players who have a lot of neighbors and are diligent about helping them out. In addition, people who have a lot of Facebook friends and can claim wall bonuses will have a serious advantage here. This update will make gaining Island Cash much easier for people who have been hoarding all of their coins.

So far, we don't know any details. We're not sure of the pricing, or if there will be a limitation per day. We're excited to hear more, and we'll be sure to update you all when this new feature goes live.


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