Saturday, August 28, 2010

Treasure Isle Revamped Treasure Chest Guide

Reworked Treasure Chest 
The Treasure Chest has been revamped!!! 

(i) The number of completed collections is shown on the console 
(ii) Inside your Treasure Chest
(a) treasure collections are organised by Tabs based on the Map Campaigns 
(b) The Mastery Stars let you know if a particular treasure collection has been completed (by highlighted star) and what level Mastery has been attained (Level 1 - 4) 
(iii) You can now get treasures added to collections even if you have not begun digging the Maps on which they can be found, via the Wishing Well...
(iv) When you attain a Mastery Level you earn fruit/energy rewards and you also get some to share with friends via your FB Feed 

Check out the New Look Treasure Chest now!

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