Saturday, August 14, 2010

Treasure Isle Hot Air Balloons

For a limited time of five days you can now buy hot air balloons on Treasure Isle. These balloons are now available in the market place for 40 treasure isle cash each and come with + 10 backpack spaces each. You can now increase the storage capacity of your backpacks with 10 additional spaces each with each hot air balloon.

There are 8 hot air balloons in the market place now and available only for the next 5 days.

1. Anvil Balloon
2. Steampunk Balloon
3. Strawberry Balloon
4. Checker Balloon
5. Kittens Balloon
6. Pink & Blue Balloon
7. Rainbow Balloon
8. Starry Balloon

You can now place these balloons on your home island and watch the sky as they float around. 

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