Monday, August 9, 2010

Treasure Isle Build a Relic

You can now build an ancient Tiki relic in Treasure Isle. Once built you'll be able to collect daily rewards from the relic. To begin construction you will need to login to the game to play. Once you login you get a pop-up telling you about the Ancient Relic you can either store it or place it on your Isle.

If you choose to place it on your Isle you can start to build the relic. Simple click on the image and select "Click to upgrade"

Clicking on upgrade will bring up a screen telling you what you need to complete the build. To build you will need 1 glue, 1 dye, 1 fire,1 metal, 1 oil. There are three ways to get these building items. You can click on the "Ask for more" link and ask your friends. buy the whole set for 5 treasure cash or You can also find construction materials by digging on the Tiki Isles (the new Apes of Ages maps also belong to the Tiki Isles).

Once you finsih building your relic you start to get your daily reward.

Note: Did you know you can upgrade your Relic more than once? After completing the momentous monument the first time, click on the Relic again to continue construction. You can ask for materials, or complete it right away by using 9 Treasure Isle Cash (you get 1 cash discount).

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