Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Treasure Isle Gem Mine

Treasure Isle has just announced that a Gem Mine will be coming to the game. Details on how to get the mine are still not clear and will be made available as soon as they are made public. All users of this game know that you cannot do much if you do not have enough gems. it is therefore necessary to get the Gem Well. This will be a huge event in Treasure Isle and we will keep the updates coming as soon as more info leaks out. 

What are Gems Used For?

Gems are used to unlock Gem Statues. These statues are found on different islands. You can access the islands, but part of the island will be black. You will then have to use a gem to unlock that part of the island. You will see a Gem statue and you can place your mouse on it and it will show you what type of gem you will need. Sometimes the box will say x1 and sometimes it will say x5. That means that is the number of gems you will need to unlock that statue.

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