Thursday, August 26, 2010

Treasure Isle: Asian Isles is now open to for digging

Treasure Isle has released 7 new maps called "Rising Sun Run". Here is the teaser from Treasure Isle "Pack up some fruits and save up some fire shovels because Asian Isles is now open to for digging. Check out the Rising Sun Run maps, complete the newest collections and explore the world of Treasure Isle".  Only problem is that three of these seven new maps can be opened only with treasure cash. These new maps with an Asian theme are a nice and welcome change in the game. 

The seven new maps available are:

Rising Sun Run Isles 
(i) Snowy Glade
(ii) Fuji Isle
(iii) Tanuki Forest needs level 41
(iv) Sacred Shrine needs level 150
(v) The Master Artist (opens for 10 Island Cash)
(vi) Sushi Shack (opens for 16 Island Cash)
(vii) Peaceful Monastary (opens for 20 Island Cash) 

10 new treasure collections have also been added:

Rising Sun Run Treasure Collections
(i) Samurai Gear
(ii) Silk
(iii) Necklaces of Power
(iv) Origami
(v) Fetching Flowers
(vi) Necklace Parts
(vii) Geisha Ornaments
(viii) Instruments
(ix) Bonsai Trees
(x) Sushi 

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