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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Pioneer Trail FAQ - Everything you need to know to continue playing FrontierVille

Facebook users who love their ol FrontierVille will need to be ready for a new name  - Pioneer Trail. Zynga have announced that the new improvements to the game are so massive that the whole thing had to be renamed. OK, so to continue to play you will need to install the new version of the game. Pioneer Trail is almost out and you will soon be able to play the new version of the game. Please find below the FAQ released by Zynga to help answer your questions. Pioneer trail is set to be the new Oregon Trail on Facebook. 

What is The Pioneer Trail?

The Pioneer Trail is a brand new version of FrontierVille with additional lands to explore and challenges to overcome with some help from your neighbors.

What happened to FrontierVille?

It still exists! This expansion was so massive and the experience so completely new that we decided to re-name the entire game The Pioneer Trail.

Why do I need to install a new application to play?

Because of the fundamental differences in the new version of the game, plus the fact that we’re fundamentally changing the name, we decided to move the game to an entirely new location. What this means essentially is that you’ll be playing the same game, except that you’ll have a new bookmark (called The Pioneer Trail, notFrontierVille and Facebook application ID to play from.

But what happened to my homestead? Can I even get to it anymore?

Yes you can! Nothing has changed as far as your homestead goes—it’s still there and you still have complete access to it (it’s just under the new game name The Pioneer Trail). Nothing has been lost and all of the data for everyone is still right there. You’re not losing anything and your access will remain the same.

Will I even use my homestead anymore?

Of course! We will still be releasing a bunch of all-new features to your homestead, like the Chuck Wagon and the Bank, all of which you’ll be seeing soon!

Can I delete my old bookmark for FrontierVille if I’m playing The Pioneer Trail?


What happens if I keep trying to play FrontierVille?

When you try to play the old FrontierVille game you’ll be re-directed to play the new Pioneer Trail game instead.

So what happens when I first play The Pioneer Trail?

You’ll go straight to your homestead as normal. The entire homestead, all of your neighbors, everything is still there. However, there will be a “Travel” button on the bottom left of the screen you can use to start your adventure on the trail itself. You might also see a few pop ups referring to the trail.

If I start my adventure on the trail, can I then go back to my homestead?

Yes you can go back to your homestead at any time!

What’s so special about being on the trail?

The trail adventure takes you and your family through a series of new maps and challenges to overcome. You earn Trail Points and Prize Tickets as rewards, which you can spend for cool prizes (that you can put on your homestead). You expend Trail Rations for energy, and you can invite your neighbors to help you out as members of your Trail Crew. You can also compete with your friends to see who has the highest overall score!

Is the trail itself just another homestead?
No it's not. It's a series of adventures you can go on, but you can always return to the homestead. Once you complete your travels on the trail, you can do it all over again for more rewards and better scores.

What do you think about the new change please leave 

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Saturday, March 5, 2011

FrontierVille Flower Shop

FrontierVille has introduced the new flower shop. You can now open your own flower shop and be able to unlock new breeds of flowers and even some secret ones. 

Introducing the Flower shop! Get your green thumb on and plant flowers to decorate your homestead, find rare exotic seeds, share with your friends and then you can do it again to find more seeds! We also have two new collections and two new badges!


  • The Flower Shop is available to players level 20 and above.

  • Complete repeatable flower missions to unlock new flowers to decorate your homestead with.

  • Keep an eye out, sometimes tending flowers will drop rare flowers that you can plant.

  • Flowers will droop after 2 weeks, but they can be tended and revived.

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FrontierVille Mega Storage Expansions

You can now add 15 more items to your storage sheds. This upgrade comes after you complete the storage expansion mission. You can get an early unlock for 60 horseshoes.

Upgrade you storage sheds to include 15 more items! You will also be able to repeat this mission to get even more storage in increments of 15 each time!


  • The missions are repeatable

  • A new expansion mission will be available every 4 days

  • You can unlock the next expansion early if you wish to purchase with Horseshoes

  • Each increment of expanding the shed will take 2 extra building parts

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

FrontierVille Kissing Tree

Love is still in the air on FrontierVille and there is a new kissing tree. Once you get it and place it on your homestead and complete all missions, You can then bring couples to spend a little time below your kissing tree. 

Love is in the air on the homestead, and YOU decide who's lovin' who! Get a kissing tree in the market and find the perfect spot on your homestead to finish building it. Once it has been built and all missions complete, pair up your favorite couple and bring them to the tree for a little romance.

It looks like the love triangle / saga between Hank, Fanny Wildcat, and Bess in FrontierVille will finally be coming to an end this Valentine's Day, and you'll be there every step of the way, literally shaping the way things unfold. There are not one, not two, but a whopping four new missions sets available in FrontierVille - but there's a catch. You'll need to choose which pairing of these three characters that you'd like to see actually play out. That is, you'll be able to choose whether or not Hank ends up with Bess or Fanny, or if both ladies decide to ditch Hank altogether and just spend time with each other.

All of these mission sets revolve around a new building project called the Kissing Tree. The Kissing Tree is slowly rolling out to users even as we bring you this guide, so keep checking your game to make sure it hasn't launched in your store. It can be purchased for 500 coins and 10 Wood. You'll need to help the tree grow with "whacks" that really equate to you watering the tree so it reaches full size. You'll need to do this five times.

Once you help the tree grow to its full size, you'll need to collect a group of items to finish "building it" just like every other construction project in the game. Meet us behind the break to see how that's done.

Clicking on the Kissing Tree will open up the "finishing menu," where you'll see that you'll need to collect 52 items in total - 10 each of Whittlin' Knives, Bear Hugs, Ropes, Swing Planks, and Screw Eyes, and just two Boxes of Chocolates. Why only two boxes? Because in order to receive those boxes, you'll need to send requests to users that are not playing FrontierVille. Since that will likely turn this entire event sour for most users, you can also feel free to skip that portion of the tree's construction by spending Horseshoes.

Otherwise, the Whittlin' Knives and Bear Hugs are earned through general wall posts asking all friends to help, while Ropes, Swing Blanks, and Screw Eyes are collected via individual gift requests sent to those friends that you think would be most likely to help you.

Once the tree is built, you'll be able to use the tree to select Hank's partner in the game. This will be an individual choice for you alone to make - it will set into motion the particular mission set that you'll need to complete (after the trio of introductory Kissing Tree missions) for the rest of this event. As of this writing, you will be able to start a new romance for a couple in the game, or simply go forever with the same couple choice, but we're not sure if Zynga will remove that option in the future.

Whichever choice you make, you'll have five missions to complete for any particular pairing (Hank and Bess, Hank and Fanny, or Fanny and Bess). Experience points, coins, Food and more are at stake regardless of which couple you pick, so this really is a case where you should probably simply choose the couple that you'd most like to see wind up together in the long run and move on from there.


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Saturday, January 29, 2011

FrontierVille how to trap groundhogs

The Groundhog trap, this post is part of the guides by FrontierVille to help you trap Groundhogs and keep them on your homestead as pets.

The Groundhogs are out in full force! Trap groundhogs with groundhog traps to find Phil and Fred, the friendly pet groundhogs! Be sure to upgrade your traps for maximum effectiveness!

**Buy the trap in the Market to generate the mission**

After you purchase the trap from the market, place it on your homestead. You can buy more than one trap for multiple areas on your homestead.

Build the trap using these items:

Now that you've built your trap you will be able to move it around your homestead. Click on the trap to bring up a menu of options. 

*Selecting "What is this?" will bring up the following box that will provide information on the trap.

*Selecting "Arm Trap" will arm the trap with the carrot and open it up for the next groundhog that comes close. Do not arm your trap after you see a groundhog, the trap will not work for that varmint. Once armed you cannot move your trap.

*When selecting upgrade you will get a menu of a Groundhog Crew that you can staff by asking your friends.

*Clicking on "View Perimeter" will highlight the area that the trap will cover. You can view the perimeter before you arm your trap and move your trap if necessary.

Upgraded Perimeter: Upgrading your trap will maximize your coverage to an 8 tile radius.

Now you are ready to catch some groundhogs! Arm the trap BEFORE you harvest. If you don't arm before you get a groundhog, you won't be able to trap that one, and you'll have to clobber it. Now that your trap is armed and ready, you won't be able to move it so make sure your crops are nearby so you can catch a groundhog. You will need to re-arm your trap each time you want to trap another groundhog.

Once a groundhog is trapped you may be rewarded with one of 2 pet groundhogs. You can choose to keep Frontier Phil and Frontier Fred or share it with your friends!


Tips for successful trapping:

  • Upgrade your trap to cover an 8 tile radius

  • Move your trap around BEFORE you arm it closest to harvest areas

  • Place multiple traps for best coverage

  • You can move your crops closer to the trap at anytime

Report Groundhog Day Issues Here

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

FrontierVille New Years Party Goals

Prepare for the New Year

Just when you thought the holidays were through, Dec. 31 crept up right around the corner, bringing yet another set of FrontierVille Goals with it. Well, at least in the world of Facebook it did. Soon enough, pioneers everywhere will find a letter on their homestead reading that Frontier Jack's niece, Bess, is headed West for the New Year. 

In the New Years Party Goals, players will have to prepare their homestead for the ultimate party to ring in the New Year for Bess. The preparations will span five new Goals wherein players will earn RSVPs, increasing their guest list to epic proportions in time for the party's end come Jan. 14. There's also a brand new item to be built in this series of Goals, the New Years Dance Floor. 

Join us behind the break for a detailed guide on how to finish all five News Years Party Goals.

In the first Goal of the New Year, "PartyVille," it's your job to make some room for that Dance Floor, buy it from the Market and randomly collect a Daily Bonus from the Barn. If you've yet to build a Barn, this Goal is going to take quite a while. Check out this guide on how to build your Barn to get things moving. Finish these requirements and 200 XP, 250 coins and one RSVP are all yours. 

In Part II of the New Years Party Goals, players will simply need to collect a few items. First, you will need to either have or buy one Fence and Saddle from the Market for 600 coins and 1 Wood. Next, you'll have to either craft or own two Fancy Clothing, which can be made in the General Store using two Ribbon and two Clothes. Ribbon can be found through the Free Gifts page, which means some requests are in order, and Clothes are created in the Cabin using six Cloth and 500 coins. And we all know where Cloth comes from (hint: say 'Hello' to your friends every once in a while), right? Lastly, you need to have or collect one pair of Winter Mittens, which drop at random as part of the new Winter Collection when Whacking the new Dance Floor, chopping down Pine Trees and tending winter Animals. Finish this and an RSVP, a Light Snack and one Piggy Poop await you.

Finish Your New Years Dance Floor

The third of the New Years Party Goals finally requires the dreaded GIft requests. For this Goal, players will have to collect 10 Welcome Baskets through tapping their friends while crafting 15 sets of Fireworks and moving 10 Oxen. The Fireworks will take quite some time to create considering you'll need three Saltpeter, which you can only find one of at a time from turning in the Manure Collection. (Thankfully, one Saltpeter and five Fire make five Fireworks.) We'd recommend throwing this on the good old Wish List, but you're friends are going to need that Saltpeter too. If this last portion of the Goal is anything like moving the Cows in the Toll Booth Goals, you should be able to move the same Ox 10 times to fulfill the requirement. Complete these tasks and another RSVP is yours along with one Lunch and five New Years Fireworks. 

New Years Dance FloorNew Years Party Part IV requires some more effort, asking players to find one Hot Cider from the Winter Collection, place one Old Time Camera and upgrade the Dance Floor to Level 2. Finding that Hot Cider will take some time considering it is random, but Old Time Cameras are available in the Market for just 1,200 coins and 10 Wood. To bring the New Years Dance Floor to the next level, you will need to ask friends for these standard building parts:

  • 2 Hammers

  • 2 Nails

  • 2 Bricks

  • 2 Hand Drills

  • 2 Paint Buckets

  • 3 Hardwood Floors

Once these three requirements are met, enjoy the same reward as before, which isn't a bad thing. The final Goal in this series, in traditional FrontierVille finale style, will put quite a dent in your reserves of Food, cash and Energy. First, just tend to five Horses, which could be a tough sell considering many players dumped a lot of their steeds as a result of the change earlier this year. Next, just place five of those New Years Fireworks you've been rewarded all this time. And finally, bake five Cakes, which is done in the Inn using Batter and Fire. To be exact, you will need 10 Fire and 20 Batter to craft five Cakes. And that translates to 400 Food and an insane 18,000 coins. After spending your six kids' college fund, enjoy 300 XP, another RSVP and a fancy Silver Hot Tub. Then, dance the night away with the FrontierVille cast--you deserve it.

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Frontier New Year's Party!

FrontierVille wishes all people on the frontier a happy new year and you are invited to the New Year's part. You now get a chance to have a bash on your homestead and invite all your friends to check your new dance moves. So prepare for the New Year's Part and make sure you throw a huge party and get all your friends excited. Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Pardners!

It's time to ring in the New Year on the old Homestead and we got some celebratin' to do!
Invite all your friends to your party and show off them fancy moves on this here dance floor.
Word has it Hank thinks he can dance, I'm thinkin' you fine folks will show him what's what tho!

Here's whatcha gotta do to get ready for the bash:

  • Build a Dance Floor!

  • Complete 5 New Missions!

  • Invite your friends to the party!

  • Collect New Year's RSVP's that you can redeem for Limited Edition prizes!

  • Prizes will be available to redeem after the New Year, and RSVP's will be deducted from your total collected when redeemed.

  • Don't forget to look for the new collection items too!

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

FrontierVille Pioneer Toy Factory Guide

Tis the season of giving and receiving on FrontierVille! The Toy Factory is now available on your homestead where you can collect and redeem toys. Don't forget your neighbors need toys too, you don't want to be a scrooge. Share the spirit of the holidays

You will see a yellow arrow and a Toy Factory building off to the right side of your homestead. Click the arrow and start growing your toy factory!

Click on the toy factory to see this window:

You can acquire Pioneer Toys by:

  • Tending to your homestead, visiting neighbors, and collecting daily bonuses from your buildings.

  • Requesting a Pioneer Toy from your neighbors directly (by clicking on the “Ask for Toys” button).

  • Receive a Pioneer Toy bundle from a neighbor who uses the Free Gifts page.

  • Purchase 5, 10, or 20 Pioneer Toys by clicking on the “Buy More Toys” button (for Horseshoes).

  • Click on a Toy Bundle-related feed where you can receive a Toy Bundle.

Note: We are rolling out this feature today and some of you may not have it yet, but you will soon!

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FrontierVille Gingerbread House

FrontierVille continues to celebrate the holidays and now players have a chance to build a gingerbread house. The Gingerbread house guide is part of the official guides from FrontierVille.

You will have to complete the following tasks to complete the ginger bread house.

Once you have completed the mission in CityVille you will see the horseshoe icon on the left side to claim your reward.

Upon clicking it you will need to click on the green button to claim your reward.

Please use the below links if you are having issues with the ones in the gingerbread house.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

FrontierVille Varmint Cannon Mission

Varmint Cannon Mission

Varmint Cannon MissionVarmint Cannon Mission

The new Varmint Cannon Mission has officially been released for Frontierville and here we have the complete Quest Guide for you. The mission consists of 5 parts with quests ranging from building a Foundry to crafting powder kegs and buying varmint cannons.
Each Quest in this series of 5 has at least one goal that can be completed by unlocking it with horseshoes, but this is not a requirement and you can complete the whole mission without using any.

Varmint Cannon MissionVarmint Cannon Mission

Prairie Piles
One of the most talked about collectibles on gaming forums is the Prairie Pile and how difficult it is to find. To complete the Varmint Cannon mission and to fire the cannons you will need Saltpeter to create Powder Kegs. Saltpeter is collected when trading in the Poop Collection which is why Prairie Piles have been on many wishlists since the Fourth July Independance Day Quest. Many will be required to fire the cannons, so Zynga have added a new way to collect them. When your neighbors fire their Fox Cannon the popup box asks them if they want to “Share Prairie Piles”. When they share it will show up on your wall where you can collect it.

Varmint Cannon MissionVarmint Cannon Mission

In two of the quests you are required to buy a bucket and a pitchfork. I was able to complete both of these goals by placing the items on my homestead from my inventory instead of buying them. This could change at any time though.

Varmint Cannon MissionVarmint Cannon Mission

When requesting items from your neighbors ( Insurance Waiver and Scrap Metal) you can only receive 3 items for every request. This means once you have been sent the first 3 you will then need to post another request and so on. An alternative way to receive these items is to check your wall and respond to your neighbors requests for the items and you will receive one in return.

Varmint Cannon MissionVarmint Cannon Mission

The Varmint Cannon Mission Quests

1. Build A Foundry
2. What We Need Is A Snake Cannon!
3. Seriously. It Is A Cannon That Shoots Snakes
4. Groundhogs: This Time It Is Personal
5. A Frontierville Fox Hunt

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FrontierVille Varmint Cannon Quest

Quest 1: Build A Foundry

FrontierVille Foundry

  1. Get 1 Saltpeter

  2. Craft 1 Fire

  3. Build Foundry

* Saltpeter is the reward for turning in the Poop Collection.
* Fire is created in the Covered Wagon by creating 5 wood and 3 cloth.
* The Foundry can be bought in the market for 50,000 coins and 50 wood. You will need to wack the framework 25 times at a cost of 10 wood per wack.
* To finish the building you will need building materials that were introduced for the Storage Shed Quest:

  • 5 Shingles

  • 5 Mallet

  • 5 Peg

  • 5 Cement

  • 5 Window

Quest 2: Snake Cannon!

FrontierVille Snake CannonFrontierVille Snake Cannon

Part 2 of the 5 quest Varmint Cannon Mission is What We Need Is a Snake Cannon! For this quest we will buy our first cannon from our newly built Foundry, to complete this quest we will need to:

  1. Craft Or Buy 1 Powder Keg

  2. Get 10 Insurance Waivers From Neighbors

  3. Buy Snake Cannon

* Powder Kegs are created in the Foundry by combining 1 Saltpeter and 5 Fire. They can also be bought in the Market at a cost of a horseshoe
* Saltpeter is collected when trading in the Poop Collection.
* Fire is created in the Covered Wagon by combining 7 Wood with 5 Cloth.
* Neighbor participation is required for the 
Insurance Waiver. On the quest page click on the Ask Friends button to post a request on your facebook wall.
* Lastly, click on the foundry to buy the Snake Cannon for 5000 coins.

Quest 3: Seriously It Is a Cannon That Shoots Snakes

FrontierVille Shoots Snakes CannonFrontierVille Shoots Snakes Cannon

  1. Clear 1 Skull

  2. Fire Snake Cannon Twice

  3. Purchase A Bucket

* Once your snake has appeared click on your Snake Cannon and select Fire Cannon. Using the cannons will use one Powder Keg each time.

Quest 4: Groundhogs This Time It Is Personal

FrontierVille Groundhog CannonFrontierVille Groundhog Cannon

Part 4 of the 5 part Varmint Cannon Mission is Groundhogs: This Time It Is Personal. To complete this quest you will need to:

  1. Harvest Ten Crops

  2. Fire Groundhog Cannon

  3. Buy 1 Pitchfork

* To fire the Groundhog Cannon you will first need to own one so click on the foundry and select Buy Cannon. Here you will be able to buy the groundhog cannon for 30,000 coins.
* You will need a groundhog to shoot at so harvesting 10 crops should complete the first part of this quest.
*Fire the 
Groundhog Cannon by clicking on it and selecting Fire Cannon, requires one powder keg.

Quest 5: A Frontierville Fox Hunt

FrontierVille Fox CannonFrontierVille Fox Cannon

The Varmint Cannon Missions part 5 is the final goal required to complete the series and it is called A Frontierville Fox Hunt. To complete this mission you will need to buy a fox cannon in the market, the cost is 55,000 coins.
The objectives this time are:

  1. Feed 10 Geese

  2. Fire The Fox Cannon

  3. Request 10 Pieces Of Scrap Metal From Friends

*The geese must be on your own homestead.
* When the fox has appeared you can click on your fox cannon and select fire cannon.
* To receive the 
Scrap Metal you will require neighbor participation, click on the green ask friends button
Once all of these are complete you will have finished the Varmint Cannon Mission and can go back to your foundry to buy the now unlocked 
Bear Cannon for 80,000 coins.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

FrontierVille Mystery Animals Hedgehog, Owl and Rabbit

Each day this month that you login to FrontierVille and play the game you get a new bonus animal that you can receive. Here is a list of the new mystery animals on FrontierVille

FrontierVille Hedgehog

  • Brown, White and Blue Hedgehog

  • 30/60/120/180 min

  • 44 gold / 3 EXP / Sell gold 3000 and 100 food

  • Neighbors tending ready hedgehog – 2 reputation, 40 gold and 3 EXP

  • Neighbors tending unready hedgehog – 1 reputation, 20 gold and 2 EXP

  • Neighbors helped you with unready hedgehog 8 gold

  • White Hedgehog
    White Hedgehog

    Brown Hedgehog
    Brown Hedgehog

    Blue Hedgehog
    Blue Hedgehog

    FrontierVille Owl

  • White, Night and Brown Owl

  • 30/60/120/180 min

  • 75 gold / 3 EXP / Sell gold 3000 and 100 food

  • Neighbors tending ready owl – 1 reputation, 60 gold and 3 EXP

  • Neighbors tending unready owl – 1 reputation, 20 gold and 2 EXP

  • Neighbors helped you with unready owl 8 gold

  • White Owl
    White Owl

    Night Owl
    Night Owl

    Brown Owl
    Brown Owl

    FrontierVille Rabbit

  • Brown, Brown and White Rabbit

  • 30/60/120/180 min

  • 44 gold / 3 EXP / 10 food / Sell gold 3000 and 100 food

  • Neighbors tending ready rabbit – 1 reputation 1 energy, 20 gold, 2 energy and 5 EXP

  • Neighbors tending unready rabbit – 1 reputation, 20 gold and 2 EXP

  • Neighbors helped you with unready rabbit 8 gold

  • White Rabbit
    White Rabbit

    Brown Rabbit
    Brown Rabbit

    Pink Rabbit
    Pink Rabbit

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    FrontierVille unreleased Foundry Collection

    FrontierVille will soon be adding in a new Foundry Building as we showed you in a previous posting. Included in that will be the new UNRELEASED Foundry Collection! This will be composed of the standard 5 items and they will be discovered while out on the Frontier. We of course do not know if/when these will be released as these are still UNRELEASED.

    REMEMBER: This item(s) are not guaranteed to be released, just a sneak peak

    Hat Tip to FrontierVilleLegend




    Slack Tub
    Slack Tub


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