Thursday, December 23, 2010

FrontierVille Pioneer Toy Factory Guide

Tis the season of giving and receiving on FrontierVille! The Toy Factory is now available on your homestead where you can collect and redeem toys. Don't forget your neighbors need toys too, you don't want to be a scrooge. Share the spirit of the holidays

You will see a yellow arrow and a Toy Factory building off to the right side of your homestead. Click the arrow and start growing your toy factory!

Click on the toy factory to see this window:

You can acquire Pioneer Toys by:

  • Tending to your homestead, visiting neighbors, and collecting daily bonuses from your buildings.

  • Requesting a Pioneer Toy from your neighbors directly (by clicking on the “Ask for Toys” button).

  • Receive a Pioneer Toy bundle from a neighbor who uses the Free Gifts page.

  • Purchase 5, 10, or 20 Pioneer Toys by clicking on the “Buy More Toys” button (for Horseshoes).

  • Click on a Toy Bundle-related feed where you can receive a Toy Bundle.

Note: We are rolling out this feature today and some of you may not have it yet, but you will soon!

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