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FrontierVille New Years Party Goals

Prepare for the New Year

Just when you thought the holidays were through, Dec. 31 crept up right around the corner, bringing yet another set of FrontierVille Goals with it. Well, at least in the world of Facebook it did. Soon enough, pioneers everywhere will find a letter on their homestead reading that Frontier Jack's niece, Bess, is headed West for the New Year. 

In the New Years Party Goals, players will have to prepare their homestead for the ultimate party to ring in the New Year for Bess. The preparations will span five new Goals wherein players will earn RSVPs, increasing their guest list to epic proportions in time for the party's end come Jan. 14. There's also a brand new item to be built in this series of Goals, the New Years Dance Floor. 

Join us behind the break for a detailed guide on how to finish all five News Years Party Goals.

In the first Goal of the New Year, "PartyVille," it's your job to make some room for that Dance Floor, buy it from the Market and randomly collect a Daily Bonus from the Barn. If you've yet to build a Barn, this Goal is going to take quite a while. Check out this guide on how to build your Barn to get things moving. Finish these requirements and 200 XP, 250 coins and one RSVP are all yours. 

In Part II of the New Years Party Goals, players will simply need to collect a few items. First, you will need to either have or buy one Fence and Saddle from the Market for 600 coins and 1 Wood. Next, you'll have to either craft or own two Fancy Clothing, which can be made in the General Store using two Ribbon and two Clothes. Ribbon can be found through the Free Gifts page, which means some requests are in order, and Clothes are created in the Cabin using six Cloth and 500 coins. And we all know where Cloth comes from (hint: say 'Hello' to your friends every once in a while), right? Lastly, you need to have or collect one pair of Winter Mittens, which drop at random as part of the new Winter Collection when Whacking the new Dance Floor, chopping down Pine Trees and tending winter Animals. Finish this and an RSVP, a Light Snack and one Piggy Poop await you.

Finish Your New Years Dance Floor

The third of the New Years Party Goals finally requires the dreaded GIft requests. For this Goal, players will have to collect 10 Welcome Baskets through tapping their friends while crafting 15 sets of Fireworks and moving 10 Oxen. The Fireworks will take quite some time to create considering you'll need three Saltpeter, which you can only find one of at a time from turning in the Manure Collection. (Thankfully, one Saltpeter and five Fire make five Fireworks.) We'd recommend throwing this on the good old Wish List, but you're friends are going to need that Saltpeter too. If this last portion of the Goal is anything like moving the Cows in the Toll Booth Goals, you should be able to move the same Ox 10 times to fulfill the requirement. Complete these tasks and another RSVP is yours along with one Lunch and five New Years Fireworks. 

New Years Dance FloorNew Years Party Part IV requires some more effort, asking players to find one Hot Cider from the Winter Collection, place one Old Time Camera and upgrade the Dance Floor to Level 2. Finding that Hot Cider will take some time considering it is random, but Old Time Cameras are available in the Market for just 1,200 coins and 10 Wood. To bring the New Years Dance Floor to the next level, you will need to ask friends for these standard building parts:

  • 2 Hammers

  • 2 Nails

  • 2 Bricks

  • 2 Hand Drills

  • 2 Paint Buckets

  • 3 Hardwood Floors

Once these three requirements are met, enjoy the same reward as before, which isn't a bad thing. The final Goal in this series, in traditional FrontierVille finale style, will put quite a dent in your reserves of Food, cash and Energy. First, just tend to five Horses, which could be a tough sell considering many players dumped a lot of their steeds as a result of the change earlier this year. Next, just place five of those New Years Fireworks you've been rewarded all this time. And finally, bake five Cakes, which is done in the Inn using Batter and Fire. To be exact, you will need 10 Fire and 20 Batter to craft five Cakes. And that translates to 400 Food and an insane 18,000 coins. After spending your six kids' college fund, enjoy 300 XP, another RSVP and a fancy Silver Hot Tub. Then, dance the night away with the FrontierVille cast--you deserve it.

[Via FrontierVille Wiki]

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