Thursday, December 30, 2010

Frontier New Year's Party!

FrontierVille wishes all people on the frontier a happy new year and you are invited to the New Year's part. You now get a chance to have a bash on your homestead and invite all your friends to check your new dance moves. So prepare for the New Year's Part and make sure you throw a huge party and get all your friends excited. Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Pardners!

It's time to ring in the New Year on the old Homestead and we got some celebratin' to do!
Invite all your friends to your party and show off them fancy moves on this here dance floor.
Word has it Hank thinks he can dance, I'm thinkin' you fine folks will show him what's what tho!

Here's whatcha gotta do to get ready for the bash:

  • Build a Dance Floor!

  • Complete 5 New Missions!

  • Invite your friends to the party!

  • Collect New Year's RSVP's that you can redeem for Limited Edition prizes!

  • Prizes will be available to redeem after the New Year, and RSVP's will be deducted from your total collected when redeemed.

  • Don't forget to look for the new collection items too!

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