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FrontierVille Kissing Tree

Love is still in the air on FrontierVille and there is a new kissing tree. Once you get it and place it on your homestead and complete all missions, You can then bring couples to spend a little time below your kissing tree. 

Love is in the air on the homestead, and YOU decide who's lovin' who! Get a kissing tree in the market and find the perfect spot on your homestead to finish building it. Once it has been built and all missions complete, pair up your favorite couple and bring them to the tree for a little romance.

It looks like the love triangle / saga between Hank, Fanny Wildcat, and Bess in FrontierVille will finally be coming to an end this Valentine's Day, and you'll be there every step of the way, literally shaping the way things unfold. There are not one, not two, but a whopping four new missions sets available in FrontierVille - but there's a catch. You'll need to choose which pairing of these three characters that you'd like to see actually play out. That is, you'll be able to choose whether or not Hank ends up with Bess or Fanny, or if both ladies decide to ditch Hank altogether and just spend time with each other.

All of these mission sets revolve around a new building project called the Kissing Tree. The Kissing Tree is slowly rolling out to users even as we bring you this guide, so keep checking your game to make sure it hasn't launched in your store. It can be purchased for 500 coins and 10 Wood. You'll need to help the tree grow with "whacks" that really equate to you watering the tree so it reaches full size. You'll need to do this five times.

Once you help the tree grow to its full size, you'll need to collect a group of items to finish "building it" just like every other construction project in the game. Meet us behind the break to see how that's done.

Clicking on the Kissing Tree will open up the "finishing menu," where you'll see that you'll need to collect 52 items in total - 10 each of Whittlin' Knives, Bear Hugs, Ropes, Swing Planks, and Screw Eyes, and just two Boxes of Chocolates. Why only two boxes? Because in order to receive those boxes, you'll need to send requests to users that are not playing FrontierVille. Since that will likely turn this entire event sour for most users, you can also feel free to skip that portion of the tree's construction by spending Horseshoes.

Otherwise, the Whittlin' Knives and Bear Hugs are earned through general wall posts asking all friends to help, while Ropes, Swing Blanks, and Screw Eyes are collected via individual gift requests sent to those friends that you think would be most likely to help you.

Once the tree is built, you'll be able to use the tree to select Hank's partner in the game. This will be an individual choice for you alone to make - it will set into motion the particular mission set that you'll need to complete (after the trio of introductory Kissing Tree missions) for the rest of this event. As of this writing, you will be able to start a new romance for a couple in the game, or simply go forever with the same couple choice, but we're not sure if Zynga will remove that option in the future.

Whichever choice you make, you'll have five missions to complete for any particular pairing (Hank and Bess, Hank and Fanny, or Fanny and Bess). Experience points, coins, Food and more are at stake regardless of which couple you pick, so this really is a case where you should probably simply choose the couple that you'd most like to see wind up together in the long run and move on from there.

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