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FarmVille's new Valentine's day Mystery Game

New Valentine's Day and Mystery Game Released

Wow did the Valentine's Day Limited Edition items get a little dark tonight? There's all kinds of darker-themed V-Day items like the Broken Heart Cottage, Broken Heart Gnome, Black Cherry Horse, and much more!

New_year_cowThe Mystery Game has been refreshed with a Lunar New Year theme including the new, rare masked New Year cow!. Head on now to the broken heart cottage all you lonely hearts and complete the new mystery game. You don't know what surprises await you. FarmVille has got this dark theme for V Day. 

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FarmVille 01.23.2011 Mystery Game

Valentine’s Day in FarmVille officially kicks off tonight! And now what we’ve all been waiting for… the new Mystery Game updated with exclusive new prizes including the crave worthy Pink Unicorn and other adorable pink Limited Edition items.

This Mystery Game features Valentine’s Day themed items and will be available in the FarmVille Market during the next 7 days only. It costs 16 Farm Cash per dart. As always, playing should be done at your own risk and while you can definitely get a bargain, you are never guaranteed to win any one specific prize or all of them.

FarmVille 01.23.2011 Mystery Game

The exclusive Limited Edition prizes can only be found inside this Mystery Game and they are not available in the FarmVille Market to buy directly. For prize spoilers read below.
FarmVille Valentine’s Day Mystery Game (Released: January 23rd 2011)

  • FarmVille Valentine Sheep – Common

  • FarmVille Love Crow – Common

  • FarmVille Tunnel of Love – Uncommon

  • FarmVille Mandarin Pond – Uncommon

  • FarmVille Pink Unicorn – Rare

  • FarmVille Lavender Victorian – Rare

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