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FrontierVille Varmint Cannon Quest

Quest 1: Build A Foundry

FrontierVille Foundry

  1. Get 1 Saltpeter

  2. Craft 1 Fire

  3. Build Foundry

* Saltpeter is the reward for turning in the Poop Collection.
* Fire is created in the Covered Wagon by creating 5 wood and 3 cloth.
* The Foundry can be bought in the market for 50,000 coins and 50 wood. You will need to wack the framework 25 times at a cost of 10 wood per wack.
* To finish the building you will need building materials that were introduced for the Storage Shed Quest:

  • 5 Shingles

  • 5 Mallet

  • 5 Peg

  • 5 Cement

  • 5 Window

Quest 2: Snake Cannon!

FrontierVille Snake CannonFrontierVille Snake Cannon

Part 2 of the 5 quest Varmint Cannon Mission is What We Need Is a Snake Cannon! For this quest we will buy our first cannon from our newly built Foundry, to complete this quest we will need to:

  1. Craft Or Buy 1 Powder Keg

  2. Get 10 Insurance Waivers From Neighbors

  3. Buy Snake Cannon

* Powder Kegs are created in the Foundry by combining 1 Saltpeter and 5 Fire. They can also be bought in the Market at a cost of a horseshoe
* Saltpeter is collected when trading in the Poop Collection.
* Fire is created in the Covered Wagon by combining 7 Wood with 5 Cloth.
* Neighbor participation is required for the 
Insurance Waiver. On the quest page click on the Ask Friends button to post a request on your facebook wall.
* Lastly, click on the foundry to buy the Snake Cannon for 5000 coins.

Quest 3: Seriously It Is a Cannon That Shoots Snakes

FrontierVille Shoots Snakes CannonFrontierVille Shoots Snakes Cannon

  1. Clear 1 Skull

  2. Fire Snake Cannon Twice

  3. Purchase A Bucket

* Once your snake has appeared click on your Snake Cannon and select Fire Cannon. Using the cannons will use one Powder Keg each time.

Quest 4: Groundhogs This Time It Is Personal

FrontierVille Groundhog CannonFrontierVille Groundhog Cannon

Part 4 of the 5 part Varmint Cannon Mission is Groundhogs: This Time It Is Personal. To complete this quest you will need to:

  1. Harvest Ten Crops

  2. Fire Groundhog Cannon

  3. Buy 1 Pitchfork

* To fire the Groundhog Cannon you will first need to own one so click on the foundry and select Buy Cannon. Here you will be able to buy the groundhog cannon for 30,000 coins.
* You will need a groundhog to shoot at so harvesting 10 crops should complete the first part of this quest.
*Fire the 
Groundhog Cannon by clicking on it and selecting Fire Cannon, requires one powder keg.

Quest 5: A Frontierville Fox Hunt

FrontierVille Fox CannonFrontierVille Fox Cannon

The Varmint Cannon Missions part 5 is the final goal required to complete the series and it is called A Frontierville Fox Hunt. To complete this mission you will need to buy a fox cannon in the market, the cost is 55,000 coins.
The objectives this time are:

  1. Feed 10 Geese

  2. Fire The Fox Cannon

  3. Request 10 Pieces Of Scrap Metal From Friends

*The geese must be on your own homestead.
* When the fox has appeared you can click on your fox cannon and select fire cannon.
* To receive the 
Scrap Metal you will require neighbor participation, click on the green ask friends button
Once all of these are complete you will have finished the Varmint Cannon Mission and can go back to your foundry to buy the now unlocked 
Bear Cannon for 80,000 coins.

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