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FrontierVille Varmint Cannon Mission

Varmint Cannon Mission

Varmint Cannon MissionVarmint Cannon Mission

The new Varmint Cannon Mission has officially been released for Frontierville and here we have the complete Quest Guide for you. The mission consists of 5 parts with quests ranging from building a Foundry to crafting powder kegs and buying varmint cannons.
Each Quest in this series of 5 has at least one goal that can be completed by unlocking it with horseshoes, but this is not a requirement and you can complete the whole mission without using any.

Varmint Cannon MissionVarmint Cannon Mission

Prairie Piles
One of the most talked about collectibles on gaming forums is the Prairie Pile and how difficult it is to find. To complete the Varmint Cannon mission and to fire the cannons you will need Saltpeter to create Powder Kegs. Saltpeter is collected when trading in the Poop Collection which is why Prairie Piles have been on many wishlists since the Fourth July Independance Day Quest. Many will be required to fire the cannons, so Zynga have added a new way to collect them. When your neighbors fire their Fox Cannon the popup box asks them if they want to “Share Prairie Piles”. When they share it will show up on your wall where you can collect it.

Varmint Cannon MissionVarmint Cannon Mission

In two of the quests you are required to buy a bucket and a pitchfork. I was able to complete both of these goals by placing the items on my homestead from my inventory instead of buying them. This could change at any time though.

Varmint Cannon MissionVarmint Cannon Mission

When requesting items from your neighbors ( Insurance Waiver and Scrap Metal) you can only receive 3 items for every request. This means once you have been sent the first 3 you will then need to post another request and so on. An alternative way to receive these items is to check your wall and respond to your neighbors requests for the items and you will receive one in return.

Varmint Cannon MissionVarmint Cannon Mission

The Varmint Cannon Mission Quests

1. Build A Foundry
2. What We Need Is A Snake Cannon!
3. Seriously. It Is A Cannon That Shoots Snakes
4. Groundhogs: This Time It Is Personal
5. A Frontierville Fox Hunt

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